Vista problems... will not shutdown

I am running Vista on my work PC. It has recently developed a new quirk, it will not shutdown*.

It doesn’t matter if I log off then try to shutdown or just shutdown from my login either way it ends up “blue-screening” and restarting after an obnoxious amount of time.

:confused: :confused:

I haven’t added or changed anything recently that would have made this just start happening. I have to push the power button t make it shutdown every time now and it’s getting irritating.

I Googled for info and found something about it being a hardware problem and another saying it is something that will be fixed with SP1 and another about it being something else entirely

Has anyone had this happen and how did you fix it?
*I don’t like shutting down my computer everyday, but we do at the office to save electricity

While I haven’t had this happen (yet) you should be able to breifly push the power button and it will give you shutdown choices, may work better than the screen options.

Alternatively you should on an ATX2 board be able to leave it alone for a while (about an hour) and it will shut down everything but the memory, using a minimal amount of power. Restarting is very fast at the touch of the spacebar or right mouseclick.