Vista - 'run minimized' doesn't work.

I am trying to get a shortcut in the startup folder to run minimized.

I right click, click properties, click the ‘run’ dropdown, choose ‘minimized’

has no effect.

Any way to make it do as I ask it?

Today is apparently Vista tech support day on the SDMB. :slight_smile:

It may be because you don’t have permission to modify the start menu attributes. If you are logged in as an Administrator-level user, you should get a pop-up warning you that you have to give permission to modify the menu. If you don’t have Administrator-level access, it will fail silently. (Similarly, you’ll find that World of Warcraft has to be launched with Administrator access if you play it, because their update process modifies the Start menu folders.)

I have UAC switched off, and I am an administrator.

Is the program you’re trying to run minimised actually running minimised but then running another app?