Vitamin Query

Lately I’ve been drinking a ton of 2% milk and chocolate ovaltine chocolate mix and with all the vitamins per cup of chocolate milk along with all the vitamins in the other foods I’m eating all day, I am probably getting more than 100% of vitamins A - E, zinc, copper, magnesium, biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and phosphorus several days a week. I know some vitamins don’t build up in the human body and any excess are excreted, but the only kind of information I could find on the matter were about consuming too many vitamin pills.

Is getting more than 100% of some vitamins bad for me?
If yes, which ones, and what kind of harm will it do me?

The fat soluble vitamins (A and D) can build up in the body and potentially cause health problems. I don’t think its likely to be a problem eating regular foods (unless you’re eating alot ofpolar bear liver), but then again IANAD.

It’s kinda hard to overdose on vitamins, although some people will find a way to get ridiculous amounts of almost anything.

I wouldn’t worry about it from your sources.

More ovaltine, please…!

Thanks lots!

I agree that vitamin overdosage from consuming dairy products (even fortified ones) is unlikely. Eating huge amounts of even “healthy” foods can be problematic, though (for instance, people who’ve gorged over extended periods on carrots and tomatoes have turned interesting shades of yellow and orange).

Of greater concern is overdoing vitamin pills. More on potential toxic effects of specific vitamins and other supplements here.

Overdoing it on vitamin C can upset your stomach & cause diarrhea.