No, that’s not my typo. It comes from the top management of my workplace.

The top managers e-mailed a memo to all the middle and low managers, reminding them of the company policy to encourage “all employees to participate in general elections” and comply “with all state laws relating to time off to vote.” It bore a large headline in bright type: “Ensure Employees Have Sufficient Time to Vite”.

“Vote” was spelled correctly in the body of the text. I presume if a spellchecker was involved, it didn’t work on the headline for some reason.

My department head, who knows a good thing when he sees it, forwarded the memo to the entire department and added: “FYI. VITE!”

Of course, the same top management are the people whose decisions determine our job security, which makes it a bit less funny… OTOH, if they can use “ensure” correctly, they can be more readily forgiven typos.