Vocabulary: finger doctors

What’s the name for doctors who reattach fingers for people who have negligently lopped them off? (The first person who says, “Mine was named Fred,” is going to see how well one of my fingers works.) I have an excellent … and rare … opportunity to appear smart if I can come up with this quickly!


Plastic surgeons do a lot of finger work.
don’t know about re attachments, but severe lacerations I know from painful experience.

BTW mine was named Burr (D & R)

I had an appointment with one just recently. He referred to himself as Hand Surgeon.


Hand surgeons, which tend to be either orthopedic surgeons or plastic surgeons who do a hand fellowship.

Hand surgeon? Well, I would have preferred something less prosaic … maybe even something in Latin. Like “glommodactylist” for example. But thanks to all anyway!

“Hand job guy” is right out, I suppose. :smiley:

Well, if the hand surgeon botches the job, I suppose you could make a case in the malpractice suit that you now have to pay for services that you could previously provide to yourself.