Vocalist Chris Cornell is Dead?! Soundgarden, Audioslave

How sad! They were a part of the soundtrack of my early adult years. :frowning:

Reports say something about a cord around the neck. Wonder if he was doing a Carradine?

Too much suck, this.

You laid all your lillies on the grave
Of all the lonely
Soldiers you left battle-torn
You cut their pride
On your concertina that surrounds
Your dying leaves and your
Fresh deadly roses
Fresh deadly roses

R.I.P., Chris. :frowning:

That was my thought as well, but the reason he was found dead in the first place was because his wife asked security to find him. If your wife is there, why hide in a corner and do that? Wouldn’t you want her to do it? or at least have her there (I can’t imagine it would be a thing they haven’t already discussed).

What kills me inside is that they were supposed to play Rock on the Range tomorrow. All those people wake up now knowing they were so close, but will never see him again.

He had an astonishing voice. :frowning:

They’re playing a group of his songs on the radio. Just finished Nothing Compares 2 U. Nothing compares indeed :frowning:

The two great voices of the '90s, Weiland and Cornell, both gone. Un-effing-believable and incredibly sad.

I won’t go so far as to say his music changed my life, but Ultramega OK and Louder Than Love absolutely shoveled the dirt on the grave on my previous love of mainstream metal and guitar wankery. I remember driving with a friend up to see a couple bands. He brought the Steve Stevens solo album, I brought Soundgarden. We didn’t go see any shows together after that.


The soundtrack to my college years and early 20s…meh. :frowning:

Death by hanging … suicide. Damn it !!

Damn, woke up to this news this morning. Guy could strip the paint off your car with his voice. I still have my “FUCK HAPPENS” Soundgarden shirt from seeing them on the Louder Than Love tour. If I can find it, I’ll wear it when we play tomorrow.

We all have to go, but suicide always leaves me confused. See ya, Chris.

This is so sad and horrifying. That poor man. :frowning:

Last song was “In My Time of Dying” by Led Zeppelin.

Drove past the Fox Theater yesterday while on jury duty in Detroit. Didn’t know he was having his (final) show there.


Holy shit. Ouch. I was just talking about him with my gf and I commented on how well he ages. A quote from one of his earlier songs comes to mind “I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota”. Indeed.

Oh FUCK no. First Scott Weiland and now Chris Cornell? Where is my youth going?

Damn Cornell looked about ten years less than 52, and in his tweets, he seemed upbeat about the Detroit concert.

I guess whatever suffering he was going through, he kept it close to his chest.

You know, I remember when Kurt Cobain died, MTV was all over it. Now, they’re showing…“Friends”. What the hell happened?

Because it’s 2017, not 1994.

The deaths of Michael Hutchence and Layne Staley were barely blips on the radar when they happened. Dying young is only a great career move when it happens at the peak of your popularity.

The last thing I wrote mentioning Cornell, about a month ago on Facebook, was comparing Richie Kotzen, of The Winery Dogs (also with Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy, great band, I digress) to Chris Cornell. Unfortunately, I kind of negged him. I said something like, “Richie sounds like Cornell, but more talented,” or something snotty like that. So, obviously, I blame myself.