Volunteering in New Orleans - what to see?

Hi, all. I’m heading down to New Orleans for ten days of volunteer work, and I’m going to have quite a bit of time to muck about in the city. Any NOLADopers with thoughts on what I should absolutely not skip?

• Catch a traditional New Orleans-style jazz performance at Preservation Hall.
National Park Service daily walking tours of the French Quarter. Free!
• Coffee and fresh beignets (square doughnuts) 24 hours a day at Cafe du Monde.
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.
The National World War II Museum.
The Cabildo museum traces the history of Louisiana from exploration through Reconstruction.
• Ride the St. Charles Avenue streetcar through the Garden District, past gracious 19th-century mansions, ending at Tulane University. $1.25 each way.

Port of Call for the best hamburgers found ANYWHERE.

How much Katrina damage is left in NOLA? My wife and I were discussing it, and based on the average media presentation, it would appear there are areas still wiped out.

How’s the population numbers compare to pre-Katrina, at this point?

As of December, there are currently an estimated 200,000 residents within New Orleans city limits. That’s about 41 percent of the pre-Katrina population of the city which was about 484,000.

The flood-devastated areas were primarily in low-lying residential neighborhoods. The two areas most often visited by tourists — the French Quarter and the Garden District — were built on highlands above the river level and were among the least affected by flooding.

I don’t think the streetcar line is running down St. Charles yet. I’m pretty sure they’ve only got them up working as far as Canal.

Ha, I’m wrong, it just started up St. Charles on the 19th.
That’s a start anyway.

The Central Business District loop of the St. Charles streetcar line (from Carondelet and Canal Streets to Lee Circle) resumed operation starting December 19, 7 days a week. But the rest of the route won’t be completed until 2007. Until then, the RTA St. Charles bus operates on the same route.