Vomiting Trick

Is it true there is a word that will cause you to vomit if said repeatedly?

And exactly how would this work?


For me, it’s the word “maggot.”

I’m guessing that saying such a word would involve some sort of uvulaic response, something spoken from the throat or the back of the mouth to trigger your gag reflex.

Alternatively, it could be the the word “uvulaic”.


Be nice to the guest, children. I checked Snopes and there’s nothing there (though many fascinating articles are listed under the key word “vomit”).



“I do”. Well that’s 2 words.

Saying ‘Candyman’ repeatedly will make you vomit…blood, as you’re impaled on a meathook.


I’m not sure, but it ends with -gry.

The phrase “want another beer?” has caused me to vomit more than once. So maybe the word you are looking for is “Beer?”

“Dahmer” works nicely for me.

Of course!
It’s [political opponent of your choice]

Repeat as needed.


If you quack like a duck repeatedly it will make you vomit. And it won’t echo, either.

Place the head of a grass or wheat plant on your tongue, top side facing out, and say “turkey” repeatedly.

Ann Coulter?


There goes my afternoon…