voter apathy in france

Holy shit. holy fucking shit. What the fuck is going on in France?

Jean Marie la Pen got 17% of the vote in the french Primaries.

This is a guy who is Xenophobic, Racist, anti-semetic. You name the flaw, this guy has it. for a history, go here.

OK, its only the Primaries and 23% turnout, but it is scary that this guy has the chance to take over the presidency of France.
This is a worrying development.

Le Pen is back? I’ve heard reports of his political death several times. I guess evil is harder to kill than good. :frowning:

Oh indeed it is…if it’s voter complacency/apathy, then they should join the club. But if that guy gets the presidency or even gets close to getting it, I bet all those apathetic voters would be sorry…

With a Chinese wife and a next job coming up in France within a few months, this did not make a good start to the day… :frowning:

I’m not from France, but it may have something to do with all the immigrants from the third world.
Most countries in Europe have had a large problem with immigrants the last decade.
It’s simply too many to handle. Integration have not been a success either. Crimes among immigrants are an increasing problem.

The thing is Twisty, if you look at the historical support for this scumbag, you’ll see that it hasn’t actually changed much in all the time he’s been running. Furthermore, at the last set of elections some staggering proportion of voters who voted for him in the first round (something like 80%) said in an exit poll that they didn’t actually want him to win, they just wanted to register a protest vote.

What was different this time? Simply a particularly low turnout (23%, as you said), which allowed the protest votes and kooks to be more dominant than they usually are. Combined with a late surge in unpopularity for Jospin and an apparent cleaning up of Le Pen’s act that allowed a few self-deluded voters to choose him.

He’ll be creamed by Chirac in the final vote, with a much much lower percentage than he got in this first round.

I agree that the rise of the European right is a touch concerning but I wouldn’t read too much into this specific vote.


I’m just worried that this is going to give creedence to LaPen and his views. I suspect that there will be a huge turnout against La Pen in the elections, but that is just going to strenghten Chirac’s position.

This really is a Lesser of two evils situation.

I blame Jospain for this.

Well, yes. I can’t argue with that.

However, personally I blame Le Pen for this. :wink:

I blame La Pen for everything, including the shocking decline in the quality and quantity of Jean Michelle Jarre’s music.

You mean that Jean Michelle Jarre ever produced anything of quality?

Please please please don’t endorse the fucker.

By even mentioning the hideous bastard in this thread you give him some backing. People who may not know of this danger may decide to “educate” themselves and look up his history.

What happens then? You guessed it they waddle down to HMV and buy his greatest hits. Jean Michelle Jarre is a scourge on society and should be ignored at all times.