voting time

So, who’s the sexiest man alive? hehe, I can’t wait. :smiley:


dunno, never seen you before nor do I know you. Shall I get us started? My vote would be. . .by the way, no nasty remarks. . .am I stalling?. . .does it seem that way?. . . I suppose I’ll stop stalling and get to the point now. . .Brett Scallions (hehe :p). But that’s just my choice.

Taye Diggs. No question. God, but he’s beautiful.

I’d have to say either Robin Williams or Paul Rieser. Yes, my tastes are a little non-mainstream.

And my boyfriend. He’s amazingly gorgeous as well.

A pox upon non-descriptive thread titles! Here’s me, a heterosexual male being asked to vote for the sexiest man alive!

Well, as long as I’m here…I always thought that if I was a woman, or gay, I’d probably have the hots for Michael Jordan.

Here’s a man-vote for a man’s sexy-man: Brad Pitt.

Here’s also a man-vote for IMHO. And maybe, if someone’s gonna take the trouble to move this sucker, the title should get changed? “Voting Time” in IMHO might look a little… silly. I nominate ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ for the new title. Assuming, of course, it’s worth the bother.

How did I know someone was going to say that? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hugh Jackman. Should have been him last year; don’t know why they picked Brad Pitt for a second time.

Ditto. But I’d have to say Denzel Washington.

My boyfriend. Period. Gazes at him from across the room with big cartoony hearts in eyes :wink: