Voyager 1 - Did anyone argue against the info disc?

Inexcusable. ZZ Top was available for at least 5 years when he made this statement.

According to those plaques, Pluto is still a planet! All the more reason to bump it back up!

Or, when they get here, we could say “nope, we only have 8 here. Wrong solar system…”

ETA: Saw foolsguinea had already made a point of this earlier.

Well it was 1977, so I argued against the info disc. I thought it was much more likely aliens could play an 8-track tape.

Most likely, the aliens are establishing a forward invasion base on Sedna, since they think we haven’t discovered it yet.

True. J. S. Bach’s music would show not only our compassion for aesthetic beauty but also our love for structure and mathematics.
Comparing Bach to ZZtop? :frowning: Who’s going to remember ZZtop 20 years from now?

Wierd? It sounds like a regular twist for television science fiction.

“Earth is invaded by tiny icky green Betelgeusian bugs who want our women, take a few, and leave.”

– From random science fiction story generator, which has been around in one version or another since at least as far back as early 1970’s.

See one version at – Each time you reload the page, you’ll see a different little sci-fi story.

The message I expect that we’ll get back: 53656e64206d6f726520436875636b204265727279 :smiley:

Maybe they’re already among us, watching…

I recall seeing a cartoon-showing the crashed Voyager on Mars. A martian guy dressed in a 3 piece suit is explaining to his wife:…“the earth people are like us…they just don’t wear clothes”.:smiley:

What did Stephen Hawking have to say about it? Hasn’t he always been opposed to contacting extraterrestrials? The quietest animal in the jungle gets to live the longest, right?

First of all they could have waited a little while longer (1978) and sent an optical disc (laser video disc) that would have been less pathetic looking. I’m guessing they didn’t send something magnetic is due to the unfriendly nature of space.

But more importantly why did they need to include any biological info about humans at all? They could have sent out info that didn’t detail where we are and give info about our planet that could be used against us hundreds of years from now.

Because there are only a finite number of different things that exist on our planet, which is what we have been discussing. Other than life and resources created by it, there is nothing else on Earth that isn’t found elsewhere.

Just because we’re positing advanced aliens doesn’t mean we’re throwing off all logic. We know pretty well what our planet contains.

Hundreds of years from now? Even 500 years from now, the Voyagers will have covered only 0.5% of the distance to the next nearest solar system. And of course, they aren’t headed in that direction, so even that figure understates their proximity to earth.

Any civilization capable of intercepting the Voyagers will have travelled at least 99.5% of the distance between their home planet and earth. (Most likely they will have travelled far more–think 99.999%.) For all practical purposes, they will already be here. The notion that they would cover that vast distance, not bother to check out earth, but then be motivated to change their mind and do so because of a plaque on a spacecraft indicating the planet was (500 years ago) inhabited by what to them will be primitive beings, is risible.

In the unlikely event the Voyagers are intercepted, it will almost certainly be millions, or even billions of years from now, by which time human concerns will be either nonexistent or very, very different.

Then too, consider that Voyager is is moving at a mere 13km/s relative to the Sun.

The Sun itself is moving ~220km/s in orbit around the galaxy, ~20km/s relative to the average neighboring star and ~370km/s relative to the Cosmic Background Radiation.

The average star is moving faster than this probe.

Hence my line about rolling a marble out onto your front porch and then worrying about someone several towns away finding it.

It was pointed out a decade or two ago that if the earth exploded, only 3 names would survive - written on a plaque on the moon are “we came in peace for all mankind - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and president Richard M. Nixon”. Oh, and on that Voyager disc there’s a recording of UN’s Kurt Waldheim identifying himself and inviting aliens to come visit us…

That’s our legacy to aliens.

Yeah, I got a kick out of that Star trek movie about Voyager, since it would barely be 1/1000th the way to the next star by stardate whatsis.

To be fair, that was Voyager 6, which may well be traveling considerably faster.

Yeah, canonically it fell through a wormhole and came out at the other end of the universe (& possibly traveled back in time as well). One of the later films had a Klingon battlecruiser finding on of the earlier Voyager probes and dismissing it as space junk before blowing it up.

Reader’s Digest mentioned a debate as to whose song should be recorded: Elvis Presley’s or Chuck Berry’s.

Took a long time for that product key to come back. You really should get off dialup.