Voyager 1 - Did anyone argue against the info disc?

I think what people underestimate is the value of just having an inhabitable planet. Inhabitable planets are most likely pretty rare in the cosmos and multicelled life that does exist probably ‘likes’ much the same things…water, oxygen atmosphere, carbon based, etc etc and probably likes about the same tempatures. An Earth might look tasty to them just because it is inhabitable.

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True, but suppose it just happens to crash on the moon of some planet and is later discovered by the equivalent of our 1960’s space exploration program (perhaps without hyper-paranoid government involvement). Yeah, aerobic life may be entirely extinct on Earth by that time, but someone will know for damn sure that ET life is not just a very valid hypothesis–it’s a certainty. Could be inspiring.

Ridiculously long odds is a very generous assessment, obviously, but the only way we could affect such a civilization more predictably would be to send nothing at all.

I agree. I think sending the disk was a good thing. My argument is with people who think it’s a near-term danger.

More likely, they’d notice that a fifth of our atmosphere is made up of one of the most corrosive substances known, and permanently write off Earth as insanely inhospitable for Life as They Know it, possibly with the occasional sample taken for study of the bizarre extremophile organisms that manage to survive it.

And what would this extraterrestrial breathe?

Helium, of course. It’s a safe, non-reactive gas to carry away the waste heat from the radioisotopes that power their metabolism.

This is a good question. Sure, many organisms, maybe even most if you went by weight*, don’t like Oxygen, but are there any examples of multicellular animals that don’t use Oxygen?

I’d expect intelligent animals to be much much more likely to use Oxygen than typical life.

  • I have no real clue.

Are the songs from Voyager available on CD, BTW, just as they were recorded on the golden record? I’d love to have a copy.

The audio was included as a CD-ROM companion to the book, Murmurs from Earth.

Little known fact* At the last minute the intended content of the disk was replaced with snippets of cheap 50’s alien monster movies and songs about killing aliens.

  • Complete lie.

Didn’t Rick Astley record “Never Gonna Give You Up” just for the occasion?

Not to mention, in addition, that this toxic planet we call home is bathed in that uber-nasty DHMO stuff.

This is also the most likely scenario for humanity to become aware of an extraterrestrial civiliation.

No, the odds of it surviving any multi-million year voyage in any kind of recognizable condition and landing where a sentient race could find it, then being traced to…anywhere, then having recognizable humans being contacted by whatever species find it.

Are astronomical :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, thanks - I’ll look for that.

Would those people have been happier if the man was wearing a white flared disco suit?

Or the stamplicking colonies.

It also contains 116 encoded images which can be seen here.