VP Debates Thread, or "Beauty and the Beast"

I’ll be watching with trepidation tonight (he’ll be spending the night). I fear Cheney will chew up and spit out Edwards—I saw Edwards right after the Presidential debates, and he was stumbling all over himself at some pretty easy questions.

Cheney’s evil, but he’s smart, and more self-possessed than Bush. I am reluctantly predicting a draw, or a Cheney “win” tonight.

Predicting a Cheney win as well; perhaps we’ll finally get some answers to the questions Lehrer asked Bush last week…

Why? Edwards was a successful trial lawyer, he should know how to think on his feet and construct intelligent and elegant sentences. Cheney has never been known as being much of a public speaker and, like his ostensible boss, only does his public speaking in front of mobs of loyal Repubs. Plus, he frightens the children.

I’m predicting a “draw” judgement from the media, just because they won’t want to give Kerry-Edwards two wins in a row…and because Kerry is gonna rip Bush a new one when they debate domestic issues and the economy.

Well, I’m assuming they made him rehearse for tonight.

Edwards has a lot of charisa. He just has to fight off any attacks on his lack of experience. I think Edward’s strategy will be to try and get Cheney mad. I’ve heard he has a hot temper.

Dunno about “Beauty vs. The Beast” - I was thinking more along the lines of “Mr. Smarmy vs Reptilicon”.

As long as Edwards doesn’t compare himself to John Kennedy, he’ll probably do OK.

Cheney has the charisma of a rotting dog carcass. His normal, relaxed facial expression is something between a scowl, a sneer and a snarl. No matter what Edwards says or does, he’s going to look like a knight in shining armor fighting an ogre.

On behalf of rotting dog carcasses everywhere, I beg you to retract that statement! My two cents is that Edwards will do well. He’s got a quick wit and a manner that fits like a comfortable chair. There are no ambivalent feelings for Cheney, you either love him or hate him. Watch for Edwards to bring up Haliburton’s war profiteering, and I’m sure Cheney has a pat answer well rehearsed. Come Friday, all this will be irrelevant as we focus on the top spots again.

Why does the OP think Edwards is a beast? :confused:

At any rate, it should be quite interesting. I think Cheney will come off as his ordinary arrogant self. But he’s also smooth and confident. I don’t think he’ll do the doe-in-the-headlights that his Charlie McCarthy did the other day.

It’s just as well, strategically, as Uke pointed out. It is better for the media to score this one a draw so that they can go full bore on Bush again next time when he really blows the domestic debate.

No! You think?

“Go f*** yourself!” :eek: On the Senate floor? They haven’t seen excitement like that since Preston Brooks caned Charles Sumner.

By the way, where the hell have you been the last coupla months, and did you ever get that book I sent you?

Bush and Kerry couldn’t really unleash attacks due to fear of looking non-presidential. Edwards doesn’t want to unleash an attack for the same reason.

Cheney isn’t hindered by those fears. Look for Cheney to be a major aggressor tonight. Edwards will handle it pretty well, but a person on the defensive all night will still look like the loser.

Advantage: Cheney.

Anybody remember to 2000 VP debate? It was amazingly cordial between Cheney and Lieberman.

Happily, John Edwards is not Joe Lieberman.

Just given what I know of their respective styles, I expect Edwards to wipe the floor with Cheney. He’ll hit the administration hard, but without looking like an evil attack dog. Cheney will slouch, frown, and sound scary, because that’s what he does.

Advantage: Edwards.

Reality: Who knows?

Why? Why can’t the reporters just call every debate as they see it?

What I want to know is what are the drinking rules for this debate? A sip a snarl? A bowl an expletive? Help me out here, I don’t want to end up sober at the end.

I’m going to be watching to see if Cheney curses again. Perhaps they should put the debate on a five-second delay, just in case they need to bleep something?

Damn fine question. These two haven’t been in the limelight enough for us to grasp some of their tics.

Well, last week’s debate viewing was hosted at my house, and we had a shot for every “nu-ku-lyar” heard, and ended up plastered by the time the whole thing was over. I would suggest a shot everytime Edwards says HALLIBURTON or Cheney says “Stong and Forcefull”.

Here’s an idea. How about if Edwards yells ‘BOO!’ and let’s see if Cheney has a heart attack. :eek:

I almost choked on my lunch reading that line. For those who are too young, Here’s Charlie McCarthy (the little guy)