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Maybe this belongs in the it pit?

They know (or think they know) where and when you are vulnerable.

The day after my house was burglarized, I started getting calls from the alarm companies. I was still shaken and quite emotional about the whole thing – exactly what they’d counted on. What they didn’t count on was my anger at being descended upon by the opportunistic assholes. Of all the calls, more than half were arrogant and patronizing assholes. No sale.

Death in the family. Visit to mortuary to select casket. The first showroom is the guilt room - the top of the line stuff. Big, big $$$$$$$$. It’s going 6 feet under! My dining room table doesn’t have wood that nice!

Any other experiences along these lines?

Some people know a lot more when you tell them something than when you ask them something.

The it pit???

nevr could prof mi owne stuf

Not to bring up religion again, but i have seen many “missionary” type religions showing up to peoples doors in times of loss to console them with their teachings “you know in our religion families are forever and if you all go to our sacred building you’ll be together in the afterlife”.


“fly like a vulture fly…”

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Encyclopedia salesmen. We live in an area with lots of young families, and they come, knocking door to door, 2 or 3 times a year.

Never, ever let them in!

They start out asking if you’re interested in educating your child/ren. Well, who isn’t? Then they bring out the impressive looking charts. The studies showing how important reading is for you child. The sample volume, bound in geniune leatherette.

You wouldn’t want your child to miss out, would you?

Of course not. And it can all be yours for the low price of $100 a month for two years!

They don’t mention that by the time your kid is old enough to need an encyclopedia the set will be outdated. That you can get a decent cd-rom encyclopedia for a fraction of the price. That your child can go to the library, where they have a room filled with reference books, for absolutely nothing.

I know lots of people who’ve fallen for that pitch. People want the best for their kids, and unfortunately, sometimes they are not sophisticated enough to see through this scam.

Don’t get me started on (certain) insurance salesmen!

One of my favorites was a subscription offer to Playboy that a friend received a bare two weeks after the paperwork went in for his divorce.

Still wondering who thought up the idea of buying the database of soon-to-be divorced fellows who might be feeling a tad, well, lonely.

Flick Lives!

Eleven years ago, my best friend lost her two-month-old son to SIDS. I was with her & her husband as they were trying to pick out a casket for this tiny baby. By the time they had one chosen, they were nuts and I was ready to kill the salesman. Jackoff kept going on about how “your baby will look so precious in this,” or “no harm will come to your baby’s remains in this casket.” He was really doing a hard sell on the top-of-the-line caskets. Grrrrrr…

The funeral director I dealt with showed us to the show rooms. The caskets were marked as to cost. He went upstairs after telling us when we had one picked out to come up and get him. No pushy shit. He let us pay 3 months later after the insurance money was received. No interest on bill.

The Luthern church was another matter. We couldn’t have the funeral lunch there because they were running a child care in the rooms that were built for these church functions. We had the dinner at the Catholic church. It made the minister real happy to have to show up there. Too bad, so sad.

My mother works in the Catholic church office. It was rather ammusing to see a bunch of nuns sitting in the Luthern church for the service.

I have to rant about fringe medical care here. I hate the infomercials they run at three o’clock in the moring for this or that miracle pain cure, advertising to people who are extremly vunrable because the reason they are watching TV at three in the morning is that they are chronic pain suffers and can’t sleep! I don’t care what you think about alternitive medicene, $200 copper bracelets are an abomination.

Or those ultra expensive cancer care centers. “Hi. You are going through the worst crisis of your life. You’re scared. Your mean old doctor refuses to tell you everythting is going to be all right, but we will, just give us your life savings.”

Or, my least favorite, rehab centers. “You’re kid is worring you. He’s acting funny and he’s not happy and you don’t know what to do and you are so scared . . Well, unless you give us $10,000 a week, we can more or less promise he’ll pull a Littleton. But we can fix him and turn your home back into a Norman Rockwell Fantasy. And if the first six weeks don’t do the trick, we’ll keep him longer, no problem” I have never known anyone to go through one of these programs and say either then or ten years later (from a better perspective) that they did any good at all.