W.T.F---Yes, Dear

First off, this is the worst show ever. I just left it on because I hopped on the computer after watching The King of Queens.

The “hilarious” premise of this episode is that the mooching in-laws little boy is reading before the child of the parents in the big house. They’re about the same age, evidently.

So, flashbacks ensue where the moocher woman drops this child off off his changing table and he hits his head. And then another flashback of the man holding the baby and “accidentally” bashing his head against the doorframe while he’s hurrying to get back to the television. They’re worried that maybe this is why their in-law’s kid isn’t reading.

Why is this funny? These people are comically worried that they’ve brain-damaged a young child and that he can’t read. Should they tell “Kim and Greg” about it or not?

What a stupid f’n show. Who watches this tripe?

I assume it’s because Jean Louisa Kelly is so freakin’ hot.

But that might just be me.

It’s too bad, too, because a few years back it looked like Anthony Clark had potential.


i didn’t know her name until now but I concur with all the fiber of my being, she is almost hot enough to make me sit through that horrible show.


He did a show called Boston Common that I thought was great! But it didn’t last long.

If you think this is the worst show on TV, you probably havn’t seen Joey or American Idol.

It’s pretty standard sitcom fair. Not great, not awful.

I can’t comment on this episode because I didn’t see it.

Jean Louisa is the Christine character, I assume?

When this show first came out, I thought it would be cancelled right off the bat. Unfortunately, it must have found an audience, although I can’t imagine who that is. I’ve never seen anything remotely comedic on the show.

(Yes, Dear reruns come on before Seinfeld, so I sometimes catch parts of it.)

I’ve never seen one second of it, because it looks so bad.

But I gotta say, all that talk about bashing baby’s heads against stuff sounds pretty funny.

Jean. Louisa. Kelly. Oh. My. Og.

I saw her swing dancing one night with some friends. That joie de vivre she projects is apparently very real. She had the smile of an angel, the moves of a highly practiced trouper, and two of the most perfectly shaped little breasts in all of womankind.

Well, I don’t think this show will ever rate among the best sitcoms of all time, but it has its funny moments. Last night’s episode was one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while … bopping a baby in the head is slapstick at its best! You know that the baby is NOT really getting bopped, so it was fun to see it happening. The show can be quite farcical … just consider the closing bit with the twin. The use of twins is normally not shown to the tv audience – the fact that twins are used for child actors to ensure that neither twin is overworked per child labor laws. I don’t like all the episodes, but last night was a good one for me.

I must say that I think you’re all crazy on the JLK thing. She’s average, at best. Of course, I’m probably about fifteen years younger than her, so that might make a difference.

Well, youngster, someday you’ll appreciate women of a certain age. :slight_smile:

Anyways, sometimes it’s a matter of taste. JLK and Reiko Aylesworth rate on the top of my ‘beg her to do me’ list.

I’m not sure there’s two women on TV right now who bear a stronger similarity to each other…


Nah, I’m an old fart and she does nothin’ for me, either.

I think it’s that huge forehead. She could hire it out for a billboard.

Christine is played by Liza Snyder, my high school crush.

Well…I’m about four years younger than her, and I’m going to put in a vote for “seriously hot.” It’s a little hard to quantify, but I think it’s something about her smile. She looks like someone who would be easy to talk to and probably…uninhibited about private matters, but she doesn’t look like someone who’s trying really hard to project that.

The ‘King of Queens’ precedes it, and CSI NY follows it, so I think a lot of people just stay with the same channel. That said, I don’t see where the baby head bashing is the least bit funny. They didn’t show the baby falling off the changing table, you just heard the thump. The second incident, when whoever was holding the baby slammed its head into the doorway made me cringe. If you people enjoyed that episode, you’re a bunch of sick bastards. There are enough dead children in this world because of child abuse, no matter how unintentional the program tried to potray it.

I’ve had the hots for Jean Louisa Kelly since her turn in Uncle Buck, not to mention Mr. Holland’s Opus. That face, singing Gershwin? There’s no contest.

For all you non-believers, the pics on those sites don’t do her justice. Watch just five minutes of the show (muted, I recommend, because it really is awful) and you’ll see.

Jean Louisa Kelly was in some comercial a few ago that caught my eye. She was just sitting behind a desk with headphones on talking to the camera. Somehow it came off very hot. I never watched the sitcom until it was in reruns. She’s still hot and there were a few funny episodes. If the first episode I ever saw was the one shown on prime time this week, I never would have watche the show again. It just wasn’t funny.

I always wondered what happened to that girl from Mr. Holland’s Opus.
But come on! Abusing infants is funny!
If it* bends* it’s funny, if it breaks then not so much with the funny.

I thought it was much better when JLK was showing off her chest a lot more. One episode had her MIL comment about her skanky attire, and she hasn’t dressed hot ever since. Big downer, as she really and truly was the only reason I was tuning in. (Well, technically it was two reasons, but they were both on her.)

This show doesn’t do Anthony Clark justice. If you ever get a chance to see his Comedy Central half hour standup act, it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The Oklahoma state slogan bit always had me in tears. (Oklahaoma is OK! What did they reject before picking this winner? Oklahoma, the circus has been here twice?) Even his one liner throw-aways were funny as hell, mostly due to his impeccable delivery.

Also, I have to give Liza Snyder the sitcom cockroach award. She has logged more years in bad sitcoms than seems reasonably possible. Jesse? Yes, Dear? How, in the name of all that is right, has she gotten so many paychecks from those two trainwrecks?

I have no idea. However, you do have to admit that it’s nice to see a NORMAL looking woman on TV.

Snyder is, for example, (or at least appears to be) a relatively big-boned woman packing some B-cups. How often do you see THAT on TV?

-Joe, too lazy to code