Anna Nicole Smith the worst show ever?

Oh man! I can’t believe my wife made me watch this piece of turd last night. Did any one else have to suffer through this? I really can’t believe that this show didn’t get yanked in its first season never mind actually having a second season! Even Paul the butler from Joe Millionaire had that look on his face like why the hell did I sign up for this crap? I can’t figure out why my wife watches this show. Does anyone actually like this stuff?

Sadly, yes. It’s amazing how low humanity can sink.

I’ll chime in to say I find it funny. Extremely funny, in a sad sort of way.

I would rather spend time with people who laugh at Special Olympians than watch another minute of that show.

I don’t buy her “I talk slow because that’s how we talk in Texas” bit.

She’s obviously on some benzodiazepine.

I watched the first few shows last season.

Each show was pretty much the same so I figured I didn’t need to see anymore of them.

Plus the fact she doesn’t seem like a very nice person under it all.

There’s pleasure in the inhumane. :slight_smile:

Had to see it once out of curiousity. Found it too pathetic to be entertaining, particularly since she has a son. That guy should have a fund set up for future psychiatric treatment.

Worst show on ever? Weirdest maybe but I thought My Mother the Car has always been considered the worst. The David and Liza show has to rank higher (lower?) than Anna Nicole.

The only way IMHO TV could get any worse, is if they have a reality show based on Michael Jackson, not interview but a Reality Show based on his life. I guess we all would see how natural it is to share your bed with other people not your family.

i can proudly say i’ve never seen this show and will never see it.thats right, i think reality tv sucks massive crap and i wish these shows would fade away. it isnt reality and it just plain stinks. thankfully i can get discovery, comedy central, biography, history, ifc, and so forth. i mean, i like cheesy movies and whatnot, but i draw the line at reality/extreme programming…

I only watched the first few episodes last season. Was Paul the Butler really on the last episode? In what capacity? Tell me he hasn’t gone to work for that disfunctional woman.

No, Davy & Goliath is much, much worse.

A boring neighborhood, an idiot boy who refuses to do anything except talk like a door-to-door missionary, & a talking dog with nothing interesting to say. Yup. Rock bottom.

:eek: Davey and Goliath is one of the best shows ever!

I’m so shocked I can’t even come up with anything witty to say.

Yes, it is the worst. Followed closely by “The Osbornes”. Someone really needs to tell these people that mean-spirited, fat, pale, ugly, ignorant and arrogant are not positive charecter traits.

I still stand by my prediction that Anna will be giving blowjobs in alleys for crack within 5 years.

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