Wagyu vs Prime cut steak: Which is better?

Obviously, Wagyu is the more expensive higher grade steak. But I’ve been told Wagyu is better in small amounts. Sliced thinly and served with veggies or rice.

But how would a 14oz chunk of Wagyu steak be? Too much fat? Is prime cut better for “chunks” of steak?

I’m currious. I feel like splurging and am considering buying one. I’m no stranger to prime cuts, and I like those just fine.

It’s my understanding that “true” Wagyu beef is imported from Japan in tiny quantities and costs up to $200/lb, and the vast majority of what is marketed in the US as “Wagyu” or “Kobe” beef is bullshit. USDA labeling regulations for beef are vague and lax; producers can pretty much call anything whatever they want.

According to The Spruce, The Holy Grail Steak Co. is the only certified Wagyu seller online in the US. A 13-15 oz ribeye will cost you $159, plus $29.99 shipping, unless you spend more than $199.

For what it’s worth, I recently had Wagyu at a fancy Korean barbecue place. It was juicy, rich and tender, but it didn’t have the depth of flavor that one finds in a good steak from what I assume is a different breed of cattle (Hereford? Angus?). It was a good experience, but I still prefer a prime ribeye from Costco.

Thanks but this doesn’t answer my question. I’m not interested in debating what qualifies as “real” Wagyu in the States. Wagyu isn’t something you can easily scam people with. It’s quite obvious by looking at the marbling if it’s “Wagyu” or not.

I also don’t need to have it shipped as there are local butchers who sell it in my neck of the woods.

I just want to know if a Wagyu steak would be better than a Prime if eating it in “chunks” like I described in the OP.

I suspect it would be akin to eating a bowl of caviar like it was chili. I love a good ribeye, but I’ve had some that were too marbled to eat more than a couple ounces in one sitting.

Never had wagyu (on my bucket list) but just had some prime steaks. The marbling made it tender and flavorful. It reminded me of the beef I grew up on during the 70s.

The one time I had wagyu, it was served in a portion the size of a piece of sashimi. The richness was plenty in the small size. I am okay with fat in small amounts and I don’t think I could eat a regular sized steak of wagyu.

Our old butcher had “American Wagyu.” We’d get the flank steak. It was really too much–you had to be careful not to take sip of wine lest the fat congeal in your mouth… The first time we had it, holy crap. But not unlike some of the gourmet super-fatty farmed Salmon, it was too much for regular consumption.

I accidentally bought a Wagyu primal once. I was in the habit of just grabbing meat from the meat section and throwing it into my cart (for reasons). It wasn’t the whole primal, more like a standing rib, 30 cm or so long.

It wasn’t quite as a good as good Hermosillo beef, but damn, it was some really awesome ribeye.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. I’d get Hermosillo beef if I could, but otherwise, Costco’s ribeye is cut properly, and really freaking good.

I’ve done a side by side by side tasting of Kobe, Wagyu and Idaho Angus. The latter was by far the superior cut in both taste and texture.

The best steak I’ve ever had was Argentinian beef . The restaurant is Rancho Palapa (not Rancho del Sol) in St Martin. It is so delicious I order carpaccio as my appetizer, then a huge steak. Bottle after bottle of Argentine wine with the meal.

I had Wagyu recently for the first time. Filet. It was served in 4oz cuts, and I and others sampled a variety. It was extremely marbled and you could cut it with a fork. So, very good, but very rich. It felt like if there were any more marbling it would cease to be meat (and just be meat flavored butter).

So if I wanted a nice big steak, I would not choose Wagyu.

For a steak, I am very partial to grass-fed Piedmontese beef.

Waygu just isn’t the right texture or even flavor for me. But for something like carpaccio, I might consider it. I just find it not beefy enough to be a steak.

I came across this photo of Japanese Wagyu this evening.
Just a small portion for me, please:

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Yuck. All that fat!

Looks pretty gorgeous to me! Now, I’m not going to pay insane prices for myself (though I did buy my brother a Wagyu A5 Strip Hibachi steak for his birthday a few years ago. $100 for 8 oz.) but if you can hook a brother up, I’m game!

Here’s a Youtuber a few years ago serving up some Wagyu A5 to his family. The boy says it’s the best steak he’s ever had:

My brother’s review of his strip was that it was pretty amazing. I know I gave it to him as a gift, but he would say “eh … it was okay, but a bit too fatty” if he felt so, since we exchange food and give honest impressions to the other all the time.

You are sadly mistaken. With respect to Kobe beef, you are correct, but Wagyu beef is bred and produced on many ranches in the US, Kobe is restricted.

Here is a list of 87 ranches in Texas, alone, that raise wagyu beef.

For most Americans, eating a Wagyu steak would be a waste as over half of Americans order their steaks cooked medium or higher, thus destroying the flavor of their beef.

That is just sad to hear. All that delicious beef, wasted.

That’s a mighty big brush you’re paintin’ with, pardner.