Wahoo for neighbors

You know what’s fun? Being sandwhiched inbetween two assholes. The people above and below us suck. The people below us must be rich or have a garden in their room somehow. They smoke more pot than I can belive, and the smell waifs up here when they do. Seriously about an hour at least four times a day. It seems a tad excessive, and probably costly.

They however are not as bad as the people above us. Here’s my general all purpose rule to avoid being an asshole. Don’t bounce a fucking basket ball at 4am, especially not in the middle of the week.

Now a mature person would deal with these problems by talking them out, or even alerting proper authorities. I however want to take drastic unreasonable action. My current plan is kinda elaborate and involves an army of specially trained chimpanzee assains. So any suggestions that are a bit more practical would be appreciated.

I’ve got the perfect plan. Start smoking a lot of marijuana to get back at the people above you, and bounce a basketball at 4:00 to get back at the people below you. Vertical karma.

Yeah, but a smart person would grab a pressure pump, a hose, several hundred gallons of liquid hydrogen, and a match.

Nah, nah, here’s what you do… first, start putting out rumors that someone in the household below you has been having an affair with the people above you. Second, hire a guy named Bubba to beat the crap out of them all.

Well I’ve got a basket ball now, and I decided to go for the most vile smelling incense they sold instead of pot (not a drug fan myself). Vengance will be mine!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with all these damned chimps.

Tell Congress to get back to D.C., dammit!

The trick is to screw with these people and not let them know it’s you doing the screwing. How thin are the walls? Can you hear the others phone ring? If so, some night when you are away, like in a motel or something, dial your own phone and let it ring for hours. If they can hear it, it will drive them nuts, and hey, they can’t blame you, right? You were away and why would you call your own home?
Send the pot smokers a type written post card that simply reads “the police are watching you”. Use a remailing service so it’s post marked in another city. That will really throw them. Then, a week later, go down to the police station and get the business card of the detective in charge of the narcotics unit. Mail them that card, nothing else in the envelope. Excessive pot smokers tend to be paranoid.

Better yet, turn the filthy hippie bastards in.

But Vamp. That’s so simple. Too simple. There just no fun in it. The Joker could have just shot Bat Man but that would have been boring wouldn’t it?

Our boy is pissed. He needs to have some fun. And the pleasure derived from fucking with your enemies head is the nectar of the Gods.

Variation on a theme: send them the “police are watching” notes, but addressed from the neightbors upstairs!

You know, you could just ask the pot smokers to open their windows when they smoke so the smell blows away. They probably never even realized that the smell was bothering you. Hell, I can’t smell anything when my downstairs neighbors are smoking.

Instead of reasoning with them, you’re already starting to concoct revenge fantasies. So, let me get this straight. A person inadvertantly annoys you. Your response is to annoy them back on purpose. And which one of you was supposed to be the good neighbor now? :rolleyes: Grow the fuck up and stop trying to solve your problems like a ten-year-old would.

The problem is that they have their window open, if they had it closed the smell wouldn’t reach up here. I’m pretty sure that they aren’t going to keep the window close, as it would start smelling quite a bit in their room and its now a felony out here in Colorado.
I’m not actually planning on doing anything cruel to them. Its been annoying me, so I posted in the pit in an obvious joking tone and got some really amusing responses. Unless they start smoking it around the clock so that the smell totally fills the room we aren’t going to call the RA, though it won’t be neccesary at that point because I’m sure he’ll notice.

Seriously there isn’t away around this that doesn’t end up in them getting in massive trouble. Though I appreciate you personally attacking me for no good reason.

That should be keep the window closed not close.

I’d find their phone connection and make calls to phone sex numbers from it.


chill, dude/

Don’t be so uptight and have some fun. Its not as if he really is going to send a team of killer chimpanzees to his neighbours.

Personal attack? The only thing I can see that would be construed as a personal attack would be me telling you to grow up. Then again, you did say:

Call me nutty, but I’d rather have my private room stink of something illegal than release that smell to nosy (no pun intended) neighbors.

Have you tried talking to them? I mean if somebody told me that everyone in the building could smell my pot smoke, I’d sure as shit do something about it. Hell, considering its legal status, they may even be quite thankful to you for pointing out the problem without alerting authorities. Maybe they’d like to go to someone else’s house to smoke or out to the country. Tell them about it and you give them that option. Silently stink them out and they’ll just end up hating you without knowing why you did what you did.