Wait, Baldwin got banned? How come?

Baldwin seemed like one of the more inoffensive posters around. And also a font of useful information. Did I miss something?

Banning announced: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=516700

Ah. Thanks.

That was 3 years ago man-yeah I guess you missed it.

Upon reviewing some of Baldwin’s posting history, I think you missed the part where he was inoffensive and displayed any “font of useful information”.

We told him he had to turn his phone off, not just to “airplane” setting. He wouldn’t stop playing “words with friends”.

Oh, sorry, wrong Baldwin.

Clearly. A zombie thread came up, with BANNED under his name. I didn’t notice it was a zombie, and thought it was a recent banning. Obviously I missed it when it happened.

But yes, he was a font of information, particularly when SCV types would come onto the boards and announce that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Baldwin had all the references at his fingertips to show the contrary.


That was his first warning, his second was for punching out a member of the paparazzi who almost hit him in the teeth with a camera.
I think he was banned for his role in Rock of Ages.

OK, this is asked and answered. Generally, we dislike discussing (or making fun of) folks who aren’t around to defend themselves.