Wait, Chrome doesn't do that?

So I recently started posting to the SDMB via Chrome. I have discovered something odd.

When using Internet Explorer, I have the option of composing posts in plaintext mode where the coding is all shown in the edit window, or composing posts in a semi-wysiwyg mode where most formatting is displayed on the screen (but quoting and spoilering is not).

But here in Chrome, I cannot find the button that vB has in IE to swap back and forth between modes. Not only that, I checked my profile and I still have the setting marked to post in the wysiwig mode, but I am not getting the wysiwig mode. I can’t use ctrl-I formatting to toggle italics, either. (Or bold or underline. Ctrl-u opens a tab with the source code. WTF?)

So basically, is that it? Is that what I’m stuck with? Dammit, I liked those features. Made composing posts a bit easier.

Does Firefox do that?

Ohhh, so it does!

I never knew. :frowning: Don’t know about Chrome though. (I just mistyped “Chrome” as “Chrime”.)

Weird. The only other browser I’ve had that problem with is Internet Explorer 6!

I was googling for a solution, and I found out there’s an extension that is supposed to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the host site (an unofficial extension repository called chromeextensions.org) appears to be down right now. No one has said anything about this, so it hasn’t been down long, and thus may come back.

If not, maybe someone else here has it installed–assuming it still works.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I keep JavaScript disabled on my browser most of the time, with the result that NONE of that formatting stuff works for me. I’m satisfied to just type in all my own BB codes by hand.

Is it possible that OP has some dysfunction or malfunction with his JavaScript (even if it’s not entirely disabled)?

(Just askin’ questions.)