Where is my WYSIWYG editor?

When I start a post, I no longer see a WYSIWYG view even though that’s the option I selected in my profile. There used to be a button to switch between a code view and a WYSIWYG view, which I no longer see. I didn’t notice when it disappeared but seems like it was there a few months ago.

Have you changed browsers? The WYSIWYG button is one of the things I lost when I switched from Firefox to Chrome.

Bingo. I switched to Chrome because Firefox was constantly crashing with Flash issues. When I open Firefox that option is still there. Thanks. I wonder why…

Cool; I didn’t even know that a WYSIWYG mode existed. At least in Firefox.

I post frequently in one other forum. My chief complaint about it is that it’s WYSIWYG only - I can’t look at the HTML to tell where, for instance, an italic string or a bold string starts/ends.

I just made the same observation about Chrome. It sucks.

So you must be a big fan of WordPerfect.

In my case, Wordstar. How I miss having lines on my screen wrap around to accommodate formatting code! No, I guess I don’t, because HTML works the same way. But does Word have soft hyphens?





Hmm, it seems like only partial WYSIWYG. It shows Italic and bold in the editor. It shows the link underlined, but you can’t click on it. And the quote and spoiler boxes don’t resolve at all. I think I’ll pass.

I really miss using WordPerfect.

There was an addon that apparently used to work to restore this functionality to Chrome, but I can’t get it to work here, at least. This isn’t too surprising, as, if it still worked, I would expect it to be available on the official Chrome store instead of only on the old unofficial one.