Weird thing with Google Chrome and Edit Window

Okay, I normally use IE, and have used Firefox. I have access to a computer with Google Chrome installed, so I thought I would try it out.

When I opened a Reply to thread tab, I noticed something. The normal toolbars on top of the edit window are available, and the smilies to the right. However, the upper right there should be icons for spell check (ABC check mark), expand window (up arrows/down arrows), and “Switch Editor Mode” (A/A, changes from text to pseudo wysiwig - formatting is displayed rather than the code, except for quote blocks).

I just checked and IE on the same computer is normal. It is just Google Chrome not giving those options.


I don’t think I’ve ever posted on here without using Chrome, so I never noticed that.
I just logged in using IE, and I see pretty much what you’re saying.
The increase and decrease size options are moved, but available to me in Chrome.

I never knew we had a spell check option or a switch editor mode!

Safari looks the same as Chrome to me. I broke Firefox a while back and haven’t gotten around to fixing it because I never use it anymore. The expand window icons are there in Chrome and Safari.

Question though: what does the spell check button do that selecting the “Check spelling while typing” option does not? The switch editor icon might be cool though…