"Waking Up to Obama" video


I love these lyrics:

We’re waking up
Yes it’s good
We’re waking up
like I knew we would

There’s a breath of hope
for everyone to share
There’s a growing force
of people who care

In all the years of struggle
it seems we’re making way
I have never been afraid to
change the circumstances
of the world

Cobwebs everywhere
It’s time for a deep sweep

We’re waking up
Yes it’s clear
We’re waking up
Dawn is here

Feel the searing heat of
heightened consciousness
Feel the yearning for
peace and happiness

and since I’ve just recently woken up to Obama, I decided to try and put together a video using the song. It was my first attempt at a YouTube video, so please be kind to my mistakes. I’d be honored if folks would take a few minutes and check it out.

Great job! The song fits perfectly!

Your video-making skills are fine, but—saying this as someone who’s possibly irreparably damaged by cynicism, but does plan to vote for Obama—this sort of thing makes me want to retch.

I like Obama, voted for him in the primary, and I can’t imagine what would change my mind at this juncture. Honestly, he could bang a Firefly and I’d probably still vote for him. Having said that he’s not the love child of Abe Lincoln and MLK. He’s a politician, and we’d all do well to keep our wits about us and our Ignorace Fighting Glasses on.

The beer goggles, they do nothing!

Gah. You didn’t just sip the Kool-Aid, you shotgunned it.

He’s a politician. I think he’s a much better choice than the other politician, but he’s just a politician none the less. If you have any doubt of this, check factcheck.org and you’ll see he lies just like all the other politicians. Vote for him, but remember he’s a lying dirtbag like the rest of 'em.

These are the last people you want to put on a pedestal. It just gives them a better vantage point to spit on you.

I might even go so far as to say that we do him a disservice by setting him up that way. Who among us can rise so far so fast without being compromised? Not me, that’s for sure.

I prefer the Japanese take on an Obama song.

I like to think it’s not about the man himself, but about what he represents.

Since we declared certain truths to be self evident our rhetoric has never matched our actions. On Nov. 5 we can finally deliver on our promise. America can finally give the highest office in the land to someone who is not a white anglo-saxon.

“In all the years of struggle it seems we’re making way”

What was America’s most cherished illusion might soon become a powerful reality.

Sorry if I went overboard with this. Nice video.

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