Wal-mart and edited CDs?

Does wal-mart only sell edited CDs?

Or is there some management board that makes arbitrary decisions about which ones must only be sold as the edited version?

Supposedly, they have a policy to sell only clean cds. But I’ve found quite a few copies of albums (NWA, things of that sort) that weren’t clean. It all depends on what the manager of the electronics department orders. If they carry records with the parental warning, it’s coded in the POS system to verify that the customer is at least 17. (There is also a “clean” section in a lot of stores.)

Former Wally-world Employee

I’ve never seen a dirty CD at WalMart. Kind of dumb considering they sell R rated movies…

Do they ever edit the movies?

WalMart has immense power when it comes to the media products sold in their stores. Basically, the company puts it foot down and says, “If you don’t change this and that, we won’t carry your game/magazine/album in our stores.” Media companies don’t want to risk losing the opprotunity to sell their product in WalMart, it being the largest retailer in the world, which could greatly affect sales. A good many communities (mine included) don’t have a good games/electronic store, and if WalMart refused to carry a product, the only other option for small-towners are driving to a major city, or shopping on the Net, which some people, out of fear of having their credit-card info stolen, will not do.

Magazines have changed their covers on WalMart’s orders. Albums have changed the cover art, deleted or renamed songs, and games have been edited, or even completely banned by WalMart because of their content.

I have never heard of WalMart editing a movie, only refusing to carry it. (All of the editing is done “voluntarily” by the media company, not WalMart. It’s illegal to edit another person’t material without their consent. There’s a lawsuit pending over a store which has been offering “family friendly” versions of movies.)

A couple of stories about WalMart and the gaming industry:




Does Walmart have the legal right to refuse to sell certain CDs to minors? Since a parental warning is a voluntary act on the part of the record company, would Walmart–or any retailer–face legal repercussions for selling, say, an Eminem CD to a teenager?

One of the more controversial decisions made by WalMart was banning the sale of one of Sheryl Crow’s CD’s. While there was no explicit or graphic language, there was one song in which Crow wrote a line about a teenage criminal using a gun he had bought at WalMart. The song was not condemning WalMart but they told the record company they wouldn’t carry the CD unless the line was removed. The line wasn’t and the CD was banned.

I’ve got James Taylor’s Greatest Hits that I bought there, and it features a foul-mouthed (albiet good-natured) tirade at the end of “Steamroller”, if that counts…

No, there is no legal enforcement of the CD, video game, or movie rating system. Stores can sell or not sell to whoever they want.

I doubt it. However, there is a pending lawsuit against a company whose name escapes me at the moment. For a fee, they sell you a movie with all the naughty bits removed. The Hollywood types were not impressed and are gonna stomp them into oblivion.

It’s easier not to buy CD’s from Wal-Mart.

Yeah, but there are a lot of people in small towns who don’t have any other media outlet other than Wally World.

Hell, some small towns don’t even have local 'net access, though their numbers are shrinking.