Walgreens brew: Big Flats1901 Lager

I still know how to show my wife a good time on a Saturday night: we went to 8 different Walgreens in the Milwaukee-metro area looking for this. The first 7 were sold out. Can has a generic looking label. “It’s the Water that Makes It” is a rip off of Olympia Beers “It’s the Water” slogan. I don’t recall ever having canned beer smell like skunk upon opening it. usually it’s beer in green or clear bottles that skunk up. Pours one of the lightest yellows ever. Frothy head dies quickly, but some stickiness on the glass. i wouldn’t exactly call it ’lacing". Nose of skunk, corn, grain, and metal. Incredibly light mouth feel. Has a delicate sweetness very similar to Budweiser. Slight hops. Little carbonation felt in the throat. A bit soury in the backdrop. VERY watery aftertaste. This has almost no flavor, but the taste it does have is very reminiscent of all the other swill Genesee Brewing Company makes. I detect little to no ethanol, making this a failure as an alcohol delivery system. @ $2.99 a six pack it’s cheap, but still overpriced. I rate it a 3 out of 10.

I tend to shy away from the American Water Lagers–unless I’m visiting my dear ol’ da’, then it’s Hamm’s. (If the beer is free, I’m not picky. If I’m picking up the tab, then I buy “the good stuff.”)

I couldn’t resist picking up a sixpack a few weeks ago after seeing it on the Colbert Report. I judged it as not even having enough taste to qualify as truly tasting bad.