Yuengling is the best macro beer brewed in America.

Bar none. I especially like the Black & Tan.
Anyone care to differ?

Yes. Brooklyn Weiss gets my vote.

Yuenling is the oldest brewed beer in America though.

Actually Yuengling is.

My friends and I call it “Inky Linky” for some reason. Good stuff.

Reeder, it is clear that you are a man/woman of impecible taste. Congratulations to you. The first one tonight after work will be to your continued good health.

[raises glass]
May you achieve automatic transmission without becoming shiftless.

Dang, ever since I moved to Texas, there’s been a hole in my life, one that can only be filled by a Yeungling lager.

I beg to differ, but first I need a clarification.

Do you mean Yuengling is the best in a certain category or that the Brewery itself is best all-round in aggregate of the different styles?

I think Sierra Nevada is better all-round and especially when it comes to Porter.

Yuengling doesn’t evan have a weizen so that hinders their ability in the all-round competition also. That alone give Pyramid a nod above.

If you count a macro’s signature style, then I’d say Anchor Steam is the best.

I’ve said it before on this board but I’ll say it again: I loves me some Celebrated Pottsville Dark Brewed Porter.

Reeder, you’ll probably like this link.

Have you had your “Vitamin Y” today?

Nope. Just wish we could get it down here.
If I am ever driving in PA I always buy 5 or so cases to smuggle down here. It makes me feel like the Duke boys runnin 'shine.

Kinda sorta related thread from a while ago.

Yuengling Black and Tan porter beer - How does it rate?

A blatant rip off from the Rainier Brewing Company (RIP) of Seattle Washington. As a teen in the early 70’s, one of my favorite clothing items was my Vitamin R tee shirt. Rainier use to have the greatest commercials too. My favorite was a shot of a motorcycle and rider on a highway. As the bike pulls away, the exhaust of the bike sounds out RRRRaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn (bike shifts) iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr (bike shifts) BBBBBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. They also had frogs croaking Rainier Beer long before Budweiser tried it.

I loves me some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I also loves me some Red Hook ESB…yummy!!

I am a huge fan of Yuengling! In fact, I just came from drinking some. Luckily, I am just south of where they brew it, so it is plentiful here.

Yuengling does, in fact, rule.

I am a big fan of the Harpoon Brewery “Brewstock” festivals.

Reder yoou get Ying-Yang all the way down in North Carolina? Holy crap, they must really be branching out.

I’m from PA and that’s always been sort of a local-type beer. They only recently started to get it here in NY. I’m impressed that it is now that far south.

HOLY!!!. Yeah. Proofread, ass.

I will second or third the vote for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It is the best.

I was drinking it in Fla. just last spring. A Friend from Philly says it’s all over the east.

Well, I have to agree that Yuengling is the best macro lager in America…proves that tasty lager isn’t an oxymoron :). Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I’ve never really though of as a macro (I know legally it is, but macro is somewhat of a derogatory term so far as beer lovers go).

Neither does Stone or Dogfish Head, and I’d put them well above Pyramid!

Sometimes you can – my local package store in Duluth occasionally has it. I’ve never tried it, though; next time I see it there, I’ll pick up a 6-pack.