Yuengling is going National sometime in 2021

That’s right, America’s oldest brewery is expanding beyond the East Coast. Currently in 22 States. These tasty but affordable brews are heading across county in a deal with Molsons/Coors.

I’m waiting on details, but they have one of the best lagers out there, and yet not much more expensive than a Bud.

The West will finally be in on our secret.

Yuengling is currently the largest U.S. owned brewery with Sam Adams right behind them.
But Yuengling is only a Super Regional and Sam’s is a national.

They’re Porter is my go to drink. I hope the West coasters get a chance to have it.

Yuengling was my cheap beer of choice through college and beyond. After they threw in with Trump in 2016, I decided to take my money elsewhere.

It’s a perfectly acceptable macro brewery. Nothing special about it except that it’s at a decent intersection of affordability and not-crappiness.

Yuengling is terrific and it’s always been a bummer that you can’t get it in Chicago. I for one welcome our new Pennsylvanian overlords.

Awesome! I love Yuengling, and it’s one of my go-to beers when I travel out East. I’m thrilled that it’ll be here in the Midwest. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. (Lagunitas it is.)

Yup, I haven’t had one since they endorsed white nationalism.

Wait, what? Could someone point me to a source for Yuengling being pro-Trump/etc?

It’s my go-to. Maybe it will become my ex-go-to.

Ohio has had it for a while now. It’s a step up from the usual swill, but just barely. I’m not sure why anyone would choose it over a microbrew.


Exactly, a lot cheaper but still tasty.

Can someone please cite this Trump stuff, it is (bad) news to me.

It was my go to beer that you could find in most gas stations, but I haven’t had one since.

Lagers just ain’t my thing, plus the brewery is supporting Trump. Blech.

Never had it. Never will.

I found a dozen articles confirming Dick Yuengling, CEO of Yuengling supported Trump in 2016. Nothing about currently, but unlike his beer, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Kayaker, Yuengling has 2 different inexpensive Porters. If you like Porters, they’re quite good and a bargain compared to most Porters.

Some articles about the new distribution deal:

https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/15/business/yuengling-molson-coors-joint-venture/index.html Warning, CNN loves to auto-play videos you didn’t click on.

I’ve had their porter, and it was good.

Another Pennsylvania brewer with great beers is Sly Fox, who has some beers in 360 cans (the entire top opens up, allowing the aroma to really be appreciated).

If you walk into almost any bar in Pennsylvania and just ask for “a beer,” you are handed a Yuengling.

Western PA you might get Iron City. Or worse…IC light. Ugh.

I’m guessing plenty of craft brewers support Trump too, but have kept quiet about it. That said, I haven’t had a Yuengling since I heard the news.

Yeah, if I boycotted every company with an asshole rich Trumper CEO, it would be hard to live.

My attitude is that if a CEO wants to go out of his way to endorse Trumpism, then I am going to listen. Once someone says they support Trump, then I will never give them a dime.