Walking Dead resumes tonight

The second half of the season finally begins tonight. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up, in case you missed it.

Does anyone know if streaming subscriptions (Vudu, for me) includes this “second half” or if we are going to get shucked out of another $25?

Cuz if so, I may just not care enough about these idiots to pay up. I was barely convinced to subscribe to one more season as it is.

Yeah, I had a tough time staying interested in the first half of this season and thought that by splitting it up they were taking a chance on people not returning. The whole notion of dividing a season is most annoying. At this point I don’t care if Mad Men ever comes back, as I’ve lost interest in the story line.

I"m looking forward to tonight–especially since the Governor’s out of the way, but the group is scattered. I wonder how quickly they will regroup. I wonder if they had a designated place to meet in case something like this happened.

Was the baby really zombie chow or will we find that somebody from the prison group took her with them?

Will the surviving people from the raiding party continue to be a part of the story? I’d like the sisters to be continuing characters.

How soon will we see Carol again?

An article in Entertainment Weekly swore we are going to get some real answers, and won’t have to wait and wait. This is probably my favorite show, can’t wait. And for Talking Dead, after.

Thank god somebody is willing to put their programing up against the Olympics.

Answers for what?

What was that radio broadcast Darryl heard on the car?
Who was tossing out rats to attract the zombies to the prison?
What became of babby?

Another group of survivors broadcasting about their sanctuary. Doesn’t require an answer, was self-explanatory.

The little girl. And she wasn’t doing it to attract zombies, she was doing it because she doesn’t think the zombies are dead and need food just like real people. See also: Hershel, season 2.

A decent question to ask. Most likely answer: someone took her before escaping the prison. But who? Probably Tyreese and the kids.