Walking Dead returns tonight

Let the fun begin.

Maybe something will happen this half-season.

Besides zombie turkey shoots and wooden emoting, I mean.

I’m not sure why I continue to watch it; these are the saddest excuses for survivalists ever. Still, it’s entertaining; sort of like a train wreck is entertaining.


The one thing that drives me crazy is that this is NOT a post-apocalyptic wasteland; humans died or were zombified in a matter of weeks (whatever the duration of Rick’s coma was, and he was still only partially healed from his gunshot wound). So there should be immense amounts of food, gas, ammunition etc., along with scads of military-grade weapons dropped by the troops. Not to mention heavy-duty cross-country vehicles, armored or at least damned tough. But they persist in this sort of Mad Max trope where every scrap of technology is precious and they have to scavenge for every bite and every bullet for their worn-out hunting rifles. ETA: …while driving rusted-out Gremlins. Oh, wait, that’s Justified.

And then they’re stupid on top of that. But yeah, I will probably watch out the season. No idea why. Maybe we’re the zombies here.

Most of those people should’ve been zombie-chow months ago. Except maybe Daryl, he’s got some brains.

Ooh, bad pun… sorry.

But yeah, I still watch it too. I also keep hoping something will happen.

I think the story is, the zombies showed up, disrupted everything - including product deliveries - then people burned through food, bullets, and supplies as they fought, and fell to, the zombies. I figure there are still plenty of supplies out there, but the easy picking are gone. What wasn’t used early on was carted off by the handful of survivors. Stores of all kinds are picked clean. Well, you could probably still find a fair amount of clothes. You might find the remains of a few people that made their last stand, along with their weapons & remaining food and ammo, but they could be in any building, street, parking lot, in the woods, in a field somewhere, possibly exposed to the elements since their owners fell. There’s still supplies out there, but it’s hard to know where it is, and travel of any kind is dangerous.

There’s danger everywhere. Go to a military base to load up on weapons, and you’ve got to travel the whole way dealing with roads clogged with cars, zombies, and random mobs of unfriendly survivors. Get there, you’ve got fences, buildings to break into (which may be more difficult than your standard everyday building), and mobs of zombies attracted by the fallen military’s defensive fire combined with the zombies of the former military. There’s also the likelihood that others have thought of this, got there before you, and either took everything or set up defenses and you aren’t welcome. There might even be some military holed up that’s decided it’s every man for himself.

You might go to a distribution center for some chain store. There might be a variety of different items there that didn’t get delivered when the zombipocalypse hit. This has the same travel difficulties as the base above, along with the possibility that some former employees, locals, or a gang has set up house there and don’t want to share.

I’m kind of surprised they haven’t changed vehicles more. Drive until you hit an impassible traffic jam - say, cars lined up on a bridge. Walk until you find a clear spot, find a vehicle with keys and gas, take it. Of course, easily finding gas is difficult now, and transporting what gas you have without a vehicle is a bear. If they’re going to keep the same vehicle though, you’d think a short bus or a few Jeeps or Land Rovers would be preferable to an old mobile home that keeps breaking down.

There’s no excuse for the lack of communication or stupidity, though.

On the very plus side of things, Southland returns this Wednesday on TNT. Excellent show in its fifth season.

FILB, I get your point and think that’s exactly what the showrunners want us to believe, but I refuse to believe that the world could be stripped clean of most consumables in two weeks or so. If nothing else, every house would hold a hoard of unused items bought or looted from the stores. The cars on the highways should be jammed with supplies. There should be untouched warehouses of foodstuffs in places.

It’s a bit like the mirror image of the problem with Dark Knight Rises: I can’t believe a world whose population was eliminated in two weeks could be stripped bare, and I can’t believe Bruce Wayne would sulk for eight friggin’ years.

Yea, I have the same problem with the series, along with the fact that the zombies themselves seem like a pretty easily solvable problem. They move slower then a person can run, are bad at navigating barriers, can be distracted by noise and are trivially easy to kill. The only way to make them threatening is to have the characters continuously make stupid decisions and never have them actually construct any sort of plan or strategy.

Hope people that continue on with the series enjoy it, but I think I’m going to pass on watching the new season.

I’ve been watching the WD marathon since last night. Watching it now. I can’t WAIT for it to start up tonight. The only thing is, Sundays are getting overstuffed, all the shows I like are on in one night.