who was he? i’ve been looking through old posts and threads and stuff, and his name keeps popping up - he even has his own smiley. i have put together the few facts i have uncovered to conclude that he was a poster, but now he just looks over the message board from the great beyond.

is that right?

can anyone provide details? if this guy gets his own smiley, he must have been pretty damn cool…

Look up his name in the ‘Search’ feature. You’ll see all posts made by him, and you will know the true genius he is. Someone will be along soon with a link to his commemorative site. Welcome to the SDMB, by the way.


Wally is (as he still lives on in our hearts) an incredibly cool human being with a terrific wit. He touched the lives of many people here and proves that this thing of ours is not just a bunch of faceless and soulless names on a message board.

I’m not certain if Wally ever responded to anything I said. Heck, I can’t remember if we even posted to the same thread. But Wally was a fixture around here, well-loved by those who knew him. I remember reading his post that he was going to go to the hospital for a risky operation. The well-wishes were many and heartfelt. He came through with flying colours, and was back to his old self in no time. But a few months later he had a work-related accident and left us. His loss thrust the board into melancholy for quite some time. He is sorely missed.

Here is a Wally Tribure Site. http://fathom.org/teemingmillions/wally.adp My favourite is “Wally and the Gerbil”. Ooh! That was funny!

Speak well of Wally.

And try not to be a :wally: :smiley:

WallyM7 was Wally’s UserID. Use this in the search function. You will find over 1500 threads. Pick a few and read what he had to say.

I’m not sure who came up with the putz-smiley, but it is very fitting for WallyM7 as you will quickly find out if you browse through his old posts.

He touched a lot of people.

We all miss him terribly.

I’m fairly new myself. I don’t even think I used to spy on the message boards until awhile after Wally died. That said…it’s kind of hard to believe that I miss him–but I do. Especially after going over the tribute pages and seeing how well everyone else speaks of him.

I felt a lot of sincerity from the other posters here. And that means a lot to me. I feel like I really “missed out” because I wasn’t here when Wally was still active.

Wally’s cool, man. I -miss- him, and I can’t figger out why! I hope he’ll continue to be a ‘legend’ for future newbies out there.


I’m mostly just a lurker (I post in spurts, although, I think I’m gonna start being significantly more active) and I second, third, or fourth whatever has already been said. Wally is truly a legend, and is missed by all.


shuffles off, leaving the podium to the next guy

sdimbert (A fitting tribute to a much loved man.)

You said what I wanted to say, and far better than I could have said it. I joined the board too late to ever have met Wally, and I feel a sense of loss, too.