Wandersong: a video game about about a bard

I just finished a game called Wandersong, where you play as a bard on a quest to save the world with the power of music. I recommend it. It’s available on Steam and the Switch.

The PC version supports using the mouse and keyboard or a controller (I used an XBox controller). You use the left stick to move and right stick to sing. Each of the eight directions on the stick is a different note. The game is about solving puzzles and platforming. If you reach a point where you don’t know what to do next, try singing and see what happens. The game uses the simple concept of singing in a variety of ways.

The game has a great deal of dialogue. You can optionally talk to the same character multiple times until their dialogue is exhausted. So, if you have the option to get deep into the story or get just enough to keep the story moving. I found the main characters interesting and spent the time getting to know them. The bard is kind-hearted and relatable. The end of the story is awesome.

There are a couple annoyances I have with the game. One is that you often fall through platforms you should have landed on. Another is that is can be difficult to tell what parts can be walked on and what parts are background. It’s still a great game.

Has anyone else played it? What did you think of it?

I haven’t, but it sounds neat!

From your description, it reminds me of the old LucasArts Loom. In that, you cast “spells” by playing four-note sequences, and learned new ones by interacting with objects in the environment. For instance, interacting with a vat of green dye would play a song that, if you repeated it, would turn wool green.

It wasn’t a platformer, though: It was basically whatever genre King’s Quest is.

Sounds a bit like Aquaria, which is an underwater platformer where you sing songs to change your character powers.

It’s also only 2 bucks on Steam right now. More than worth the price.

That sounds like a game I would definitely try. I’ve only played one game through, “Child of Light”, and right now I’m playing “Gris”.

Love Gris, by the way, it’s gorgeous! I recommend it. There’s no dialogue at all :slight_smile: and no hints. You just… start playing.

Sold. I’m downloading it now. Sounds exactly the kind of game I like, thank you.

Loom is a point-and-click adventure game that is unique in not having an inventory. It also requires the player to make sure to write down the sequences. It also changed difficulty by whether or not it told you the notes and/or if the staff glowed different colors. The highest difficulty (playing the game entirely by ear) was supposed to unlock an additional ending scene, but I’m not sure it ever worked in my copy of the “LucasArts Classics Collection” .