Wankers. Who do they think they are kidding?

I only noticed him for the first time yesterday (and then I tried to avoid him anyway) so I haven’t had much of a chance to ‘evaluate’ his talents.

But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’re right. Being full-of-yourself might work if you are trying to flog Aluminium Siding or Time-Share investments, but in my experience, it doesn’t go over too well when you are seeking donations for a charity.

My favorite sort of these people are the ones who have no qualifications and just make stuff up. It’s even better when they’re stark raving flapping arms behind granny’s outhouse hopping bat shit insane.

The head of the fencing club at my college was one of these guys. He was always “in training” for the Olympics. Never mind that he was 6 ft tall and weighed 300 pounds, smelled like old cheese, and I never saw him without his usual armament of a chocolate donut and a glass of coke. He was also an ex-Navy Seal (almost de rigeur for SRFABGOHBSI chronic liars).

One of my friends happened to be Jewish. When he found out, he told my friend that he’d been sent to Brazil once to fight the Nazis. :rolleyes:

I can’t decide if he was actually crazy, lived in a carefully constructed Dungeons and Dragon-esque fantasy world or was just an awful liar.

The stunt and combat tutor at my college was one of these guys - he had done a bit of TV stunt work, but not much - though that wasn’t the impression he gave. He led us to believe he was well thought of in Hollywood. He’d lost a testicle jumping onto a moving horse for some movie, according to him. He was also forever rescuing women from the clutches of rapists - almost on a weekly basis, which was weird because I lived in the same part of the city as him and I never saw anyone assaulted. Anyway, one week he was away “doing some work for the BBC” - except that one of my mates was coming back from an all-night party, and recognised the face behind the wheel of the milk delivery van. Our heroic stuntman was actually a part-time milkman.

Wow, that sounds like one my college friends (not the fencing guy). Every week, he had another mugging or attempted robbery to tell us about. Once he tried to tell a coworker he went on vacation to Viet Nam. He had several “black belts” but was always vague on the specifics. My favorite, though, was when he told us his cat had died over the weekend. My friend went over to his apartment for some reason and…saw his cat walking around the room…

Maybe he hopped the ocean? I haven’t seen him for a while… :slight_smile:

Being a milkman can be a very dangerous job. Especally if you go above 4mph! :smiley:

:smiley: That made me laugh.