Wanna buy a velociraptor cage?

One is being sold on eBay.

It’s an actual prop from Jurassic Park, and comes with a ‘full size raptor’. (I assume they mean a velociraptor. Though a hawk would be nice, too.) Being a movie prop, it’s not actually made of steel. It’s mostly wood, which is deteriorating a bit.

But if you happen to have an extra hundred kilobucks and you just have to have your own Jurassic Park velociraptor cage, there you go. (Or you can save a lot of money and build your own. :wink: )

Holy lysine contingency! It began at 99 cents and is now bid up almost to $100,000!

Again, I’m amazed at what items wealthy people bid up for.

Shame it has been stored outside and is deteriorating so much. But no, I wouldn’t get it though I could have mrAru and our roomie make something nice I am sure, between his welding and her blacksmithing we could contain something a bit more aggressive than our normal chickens and geese … :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t look at the other pics earlier. Just saw the inside of it. Very clever the way they used plywood with holes cut into it to simulate the metal structure. The horizontal slats would be easy enough to make from fiberglass, or they may be off-the-shelf from a building supply place. When I was only looking at the exteriors, I thought the perforated sides were more complicated with individual blocks of wood making the spaces. The perforated plywood flat is much easier. (And it shows the concept that if it’s not going to be seen, don’t worry about how it looks.)

That thing looks beat to hell and frankly isn’t all that exciting of a prop. If I was the guy selling it, I wouldn’t be planning my $100,000 retirement just yet since I can’t believe the “buyer” will actually pay up for that.

A “full size” velociraptor would be about the size of a chicken, not what was in the film, right?

That bidder must be legit–he has had five transactions with no negative feedback. He has no positive feedback either, but hey! :wink: