Wanna Go To Lunch?

Okay, let’s go! What do you want? I was thinking of the new In-n-Out Burger at El Con Mall. I’ve never been there. There’s going to be a huge wait, so if you only have an hour we can’t go there. I’m off today (squee) so I’m cool. Do you like Chipotle? That’s just down the street. Carl’s Jr? Philly’s Finest? Applebee’s?

Where do you want to go to lunch?

I’m partial to the Cleveland Chop House. Good steaks, burgers, salmon and spuds in various forms. Chipotle and Applebee’s would be fine, too. Dunno that I can make it in time for lunch in Tucson, though. Thanks for asking!

I don’t think I can fit a plane ticket into my lunch money right now…

(Should any of you come up here, though, I’d love to treat you to the wings and fries at St. Louis’s Bar and Grill.)

Hey, that was my lunch. Crazy…

Well, I went to the supermarket today and brought food back, does it count?

If so, I had liverwurst and cheese with mustard on pumpernickel. With a nice sour pickle on the side.

I didn’t know they had In-n-Outs in Arizona too. Mmmm, I could really go for a neopolitan shake right now, even if lunch is long gone.

Man I wish the nearest In-N-Out wasn’t 10 miles away from my work!

I do have an In-N-Out about 2 blocks from home, but that doesn’t do me any good, I hardly spend any time at home! (Plus my fiance is a freak and hates the place. I know, I know, but she has many good qualities that make up for it.)

I miss In-N-Out :frowning: . I think I will swing by tonight. :smiley:

Lunch for me today is a frozen Trader Joe’s quesadilla though.

I’m going out to eat just what I want: spicy Asian food.

My bosses are taking me to Hunan Taste, a little hole in the wall here in San Jose serving incandescently spicy Chinese food. Trouble is, I like to lunch at 11:30 and they’re more in the noon to 12:30 camp. My stomach is growling like an angry pekingnese.

We don’t have a lot of choices here; McDonald’s, Hardee’s, 2 Chinese places, Subway, 1 Italian place, 1 sandwich shop, Pizza the Hutt, Domino’s, and 2 small local restaurants.

Wish we had an Arbys or Wendys, I usually do Subway.

How about MPSIMS? I have a feeling we’re going to in that neighborhood soon anyway… :wink:

I work in a hospital in downtown Baltimore. I’m sure I could go out to Lexington Market or any of the small restaurants around, but if I’m going to buy lunch I stay within the hospital. There is the cafeteria (at which everything is over-salted) and two or three other restaurants, as well as a Subway.

Sure, I’d like to go out to eat. Only it’s going to have to wait until they build that new Supertube system that goes down into the ground that you can take to different cities. It’s like a subway, only faster. Can get from Manhattan to Tuscon in…now. If it was up and running, that is.

You guys missed out. I went to In-n-Out, it was good and surprisingly fast. Man, they have a lot of people working back there.

And I believe this belongs in CS, not MPSIMS, because it is a poll about where you eat lunch, albeit cleverly designed as an invitation.

I want onion soup, turkey panini and carrot cake at Panera but it’s late at night and I should go to bed.

There’s always tomorrow.

Now I’m all hungry and it’s late.


Sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw the google add that said “undo circumcision damage.” Now I’m much less hungry.

Well, that’s one ad that doesn’t pertain to me…
But I’m still hungry. I think I’ll gnaw on my own arm before bed.

I had a chicken salad sandwich at Starbucks. I kind of wanted to try their (prepackaged) chicken curry, but they were out.