Lunch anyone???

Your boss has just invited you to a lunch of your choice… all expenses paid…anywhere you want to go. Where would you chose and what would you order?

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hmmmm,this is tough. Burt Wolf’s house. Fried chicken,lemon cream pie,candelights,nice music… :wink: (burt’s cute)

Emeril’s, Pork Fat.

Lone Star Steakhouse.

18 oz Porterhouse
Baked potato with butter and extra sour cream
Blooming onion thingy
Beer, beer, and more beer

What can I say? I’m cheap, and easy to please…

Since I am my own boss, I would have to pick Taco Bell’s 59 cent pintos and beans, one taco and a plain burrito.

Hey, I am a cheap-ass boss!


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oppress - to burden harshly, unjustly, or tyrannically.

don’t oppress my ability to have an opinion

Is this lunch before or after I tell him I’m leaving the company for a job in publishing? :wink:

Let’s assume a normal lunch. Our office is in the same building as Ben Benson’s, a NY steakhouse of great renown (at least, the commercials say it’s pretty good). Since I’d probably never get a chance to go under other circumstances, I’d say we just go to Ben’s.

–Da Cap’n

Anywhere, with any food? hmmm

I’d like to eat banana cream pie off Jenna Jameson’s errrr… wait… we’re talking realistic places here…

place: Montgomerey Inn
what: a full slab o ribs, soaked in their amazing barbacue sauce followed by a slice or two of Oreo Pie…
Why?: Because its the best place for ribs in Ohio, that’s why!

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It’s between two places: 1) Abruzzi, an amazing Italian place right here in Arcata, or 2) City of Paris in San Francisco.

At the first, I’d opt for their bleu cheese, walnut and spinach salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, move onto a heaping bowl of homemade pasta in a creamy pesto sauce, and finish it all off with a slice of cheesecake with raspberry topping, and chocolate shavings.

If eating at City of Paris, I’d get a salad similar to the Abruzzi one, and then skip right to dessert. Their creme brulee is to die for.

Abbott’s Noank, CT.

Clam Chowder. Cherry stones. Steamers, corn & Lobster.


(Bring yer own Guinness)

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I’m gonna think locally. The premise of my boss buying me lunch is not too impossible… Him and I flying off for croissants on the Thames for this lunch seem far less likely…

As far as local eats, I would love it if my boss and I cruised to the Angus Barn, an internationally known steak house in the local area.

GREAT steaks… And looking at a wine list which lists bottles of wine for tens of thousands of dollars is always fun!

Yer pal,

I’ll have to disagree with you there. Ever had Smokin’ Joe’s? Those ribs are a little piece of heaven come down to earth.

The Aspen Grill. I’ve been there once, when they took me out for my 5-year anniversary at work. Don’t know what I’d get. The steak there is pretty good.

Or possibly, depending on my mood, Lou Malnati’s. That’d probably be more expensive, anyway.

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