Hey BADs! Wanna have lunch with Single Dad?

Yep, our long lost compatriot SingleDad is going to be in town on the 6th of October. He’s got obligations that evening, so psycat and I are going to hook up with him for lunch. Not sure where yet (not Chevy’s! :D).

Whaddya say? Maybe after lunch we can go do something fun…like drink. :wink:

Sorry. Umm, he’ll be in San Francisco.

[sub]I’m so geocentric![/sub]:wink:


:: Using hypnotic powers over the ether… ::

“Beeeeeer! Beeeeeeeeeer! BEEEEEEER!”

At an appropriate moment, can you ask him to come back and play with us again?

You know, that man owes me a dinner from June 2000. He skipped out on me, darn it. [sub]grrrrrrrr[/sub]

You just tell him to get his butt down to SoCal and bring some Mediterannean food with him. It’s the only way I’ll let him off the hook.

I’ll come, but why not Chevy’s? That’s about the only place I can eat anymore!

You got kicked out of everywhere else? :smiley:

Ummm, well I thought there would be more of a response to this, but last Dopefest we had in the city I suggested Chevy’s and everyone had a hissy. Ok, well not everyone, just that complete bastard zyzzywhazza. :wink:
Anyway, I can give you your record back if you come. :wink:

BWAHAHAHA! No I’m not banned from other restaurants, it’s just that Chevy’s so politely has vegetarian fajitas right on the menu so I don’t have to make some surreal fake vegetarian meal by combining 4 side dishes or something. I guess an Italian restaurant or something would be ok too, I can work out something with that. (There’s the UNOs right next to the Chevy’s if that sounds better.)

Besides, where else can you get a margarita as big as your head? Isn’t that the important thing?

Well, no, I won’t make it to San Francisco, but I’ve got to ask what vegetarian fajitas are.

Uh, that would be fajitas without any meat, eh? You know, with vegetables??? :confused:

The reason I asked is that “fajita” refers directly to the skirt steak, so the concept of vegetarian fajitas is a lot like the concept of a vegetarian T-bone.

I’d love to, but I’ll be sitting in mud bath in Calistoga right about then. Hope you guys have a good time.

I could probably be pursuaded to go out for a day. I’m currently trying to arrange a little trip up to Oregon, so I’m not sure if I might run into a conflict. But you know me – I can be at a bar on pretty much a moment’s notice.

I might possibly be able to make it, but I’ve got a concert to go to that night (again). Let me know what time you guys are getting together.

beatle, most places I’ve been to use portabella mushrooms to replace the steak in the fajita’s. As for fajita meaning the skirt steak, how prey tell do they get chicken from a cow? :wink:

Well, I had to ask because I’d never heard of 'em before.

Yes, chicken fajitas are strips of chicken breast. The term did originally refer to beef skirt steak and now I’m sure some place has offered wild boar or venison fajitas. But until the advent of the portobello fajita, fajita referred specifically to the meat. I was just behind the times on meatless meat dishes.

Maybe you can get a vegetarian T-bone somewhere.

Anyway, y’all have a good time.

Well, Anton Nym and I are going to be in SF that evening, but not until around 8pm.

If you guys think you’re still going to be going strong then, email me and I’ll send you my cell number so you can call and tell me where you’ll be.

Other than that, can anyone recommend a good bondage bar?

Does SingleDad have a preference? If I recall he used to live in the city. (I could be misremembering though.)

Can’t make it, obviously, but make sure to tell him Coldie says hi!

I always liked his posts a lot. Is he perchance considering a return to these boards? That would be cool.

Being vegan myself, i have a pretty tough time finding places in the city where i can’t eat! At least, as long as it’s not a steakhouse or seafood shack.

There are plenty of good places. I don’t even know where to begin. Anyone got a food preference?