Wanna name my wine group?

Simple enough question…and thought you guys may have a good time coming up with some interesting names. I can only submit one name for the official vote though–the hostess/organizer is a tad on the strict side. But I’ll bring all the good ones to share with the group anyway–for I am a tad on the not-so-strict-side :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t wanna spit!

or IDWS for short.

Pinot Gallery
Sin Fan Belles (if it’s women)

Spit or Swallows

Pretentious Drunks

Winos Unlimited

There’s Purple On My Hooter

The Oenomaniacs

Veni, Vidi, Vino"
(I came, I saw, I got drunk)

I believe this is the motto of most Dopers, and a mandatory bylaw for mods.

Veritas (as in, “in vino…”)

Well, seeing as we’ve already plunged into the gutter, I don’t think you can do better than cork-suckers.

Grapers of Wrath

The Grapists

The Wi-yes Club (I’m not a wino, I’m a Wi-Yes!)

The Thin Blue Vine

The Chardonnay-Sayers


I’ll nominate:

The Blood Of Christ, The Group From Heaven

Mad Dogs & 20 Englishmen

Liver & Fafa Beans Unlimited

Boone’s Farmer’s

We’re Not Whining

The Night Train Express

The Bartles & James Gang

The Long, Tall, Short, Round, Crazy ones

Put A Cork In It

No Straws?

Hmm, how about the Vine Yard Republic

I’m on moet
Rose coloured glasses
The Winers
Last Orders
Beau Jollies (as in Beujolais)
Alluring Fruit
Strange Fruit
It’s vintage, darling
Wine, women and song
Fill 'er up
Sparkling Wit

The Blue Nuns.

The Screw Offs.

Brilliant, although perhaps a bit premature.


Sip, Spit, Repeat
The Educated Palates
The Sour Grape Gang

**The Magoo/Howell Report

The Wine Snobs

The Snobs

The Grape Bunch

The Exaltation of Larks

The Taste Pilots

Grape Expectorations

Sauterne’s Rings

The Marilyn Merlot Experience

Sauvignon a Place

The Vinyard Slugs**

Drunk Eyes for the Sober Guys