Wanna see a picture of a scary wedding cake?

Here you go. You just gotta wonder who thought this was a good idea. I can’t even think what it looks like, except it looks very, very wrong (with medical waste possibly involved).

What is all that supposed to be? A couple of them make me think of dead fish or sharks or something.

Oh Good Lord! Is that supposed to be a pile of slaughtered dolphins?
ETA: I zoomed the picture (my advice: don’t!) and that is the only thing it can possibly be…slaughtered marine creatures of some sort (some look more like whales than dolphins). Is this a Japanese whaler’s wedding or an anti-PETA statement?

Wow, I didn’t even notice the fins until you said that. I just assumed it was supposed to look like used tampons.

I saw this a few weeks ago on Cake Wrecks. They have a link to a purported explanation:

Okay, I was disturbed enough to go to the website credited on the pic (which is hilarious by the way) and found this explanation in the comments section. In this light at least, it makes a lot more sense (but is still tacky for a wedding!).

ETA: And still beaten to the punch…and I even check the CakeWrecks blog every morning!

That’s what it looked like to me too. Not much medical waste involved there, either, but it wouldn’t exactly be tasty. I imagine a long buffet line ending at the wedding cake, and nobody taking the cake, culminating in a big empty table with one pristine cake and a bride wailing that nobody wanted her used tampons.

I dunno. No more tacky than most of the crappy cakes people often have on their wedding day.

They almost look like used tampons, almost.

True…more people should go the route I did at my (beach) wedding and serve a giant key lime pie instead. :slight_smile: Oh and I had real dolphins (in the ocean, playing in the background…their timing was perfect!) so I associate dolphins and weddings which could be why dead sea animal cake looks like dead dolphin cake to me. :wink:

I thought it was supposed to be koi, so I guess I was in the right ballpark.

Looks like a ton of old Christmas candy. Can candy corn be far behind?

I didn’t want to look closely, From a distance, It looked the the bowel contents of some giant farm animal with a clear food diet and hemorroidal bleeding.

So, wedding cake as political statement, eh? I think I’m going to stick with, “Who thought this was a good idea?” :slight_smile:

Looks like a cake of sperms or little white poops to me!

Pads. MaxiPads.

I thought they were albino turds with blood in them.

I think it’s awesome looking. I also thought it was used tampons, although I always imagined they would be a lot more bloodier. Strangely enough, in this day and age with the internet, I’ve yet to see a used tampon (although I’ve seen them being used).

If that is something you’d actually like to see I am sure Google image results would oblige you (although I am not running that search to check!). How bloody would depend on several factors, so the dead shark cake level of “blood” could be realistic in some scenarios or there could be a lot more.

And wait…am I actually describing used tampons? Oh God! My “personal boundaries” lines seems to have disappeared entirely, so I am off to discuss cats or something until I can find it again. :wink:

But who wants a cake that looks like used tampons? I mean, other than these weirdos.