WANT: Shining Clock

lissener, would you please use descriptive titles (I changed this one from “WANT” to “WANT: Shining Clock”), and describe what your link is. There are a lot of people who won’t click on blind links like this.

I was picturing something completely different,something perhaps luminescent. Nice clock, but it would get annoying quickly. Funny, though :smiley:

Terrible, terrible web design there. That’s just begging for a Think Geek-style “in-action” video link.

No, I probably won’t. The purpose of the title was to impart a bit of a surprise package feeling to the thread. If you can fit the entire OP into the title, what’s the friggin point?

And if some people won’t click on blind links, so what? Participation is not mandatory. I thought the rule was no NSFW links? If I post a link that’s inappropriate, then ding me. But moderating because some people might THINK it’s inappropriate is ridiculous.

So no, I probably won’t use descriptive titles in this kind of thread, so until the rule is clearer–seriously? we’re not allowed to post perfectly safe links that some random person might incorrectly think is NSFW? seriously?–then I won’t post this kind of thread at all.

Surely the threshold for moderator intervention should be higher than this.

Good. I hate these kinds of threads. If something is important enough to start a thread about, it is important enough to compose some sort of an actual OP.

Maybe the threshold for taking offense should be set a bit higher?

Non-descriptive titles are seriously annoying for many people, that’s really something that should not come as a big shock. Sure, you’re just having a bit of fun and no real harm is done. That cuts both ways here though. You link is not some kind of profound comment on the mysteries of life that can only be experienced properly by an uninformed visitor. Is it seriously such a big deal to give folks some kind, any kind of clue what they’re getting when they open the link?

I think that clock is pretty cool actually. But I never would have bothered with the link (or the thread for that matter) without some sort of idea what it was all about and I suspect many people feel the same way.

I just didn’t see the “l” in “clock”, and thought it was some new form of Viagra that made you glow…

Good. This is at least the 4th thread you’ve posted where your title said nothing but “WANT” and the OP consisted of nothing more than a link.

For obvious reasons I’m disinclined to comment on the merits of any particular post and/or its title.

But I would like to express my disappointment at not being led to the Shining Cock promised by the thread title.

No offense was taken. My tone was all eyeroll, zero ire.

And I could list from here to eternity the things that are more important to me than whether this or that random passerby wants to click on my OP. I maybe click on 5% to 10% of Dope threads, and I can’t imagine that the OPs I’m thus neglecting care about this any more than I do.

If the sole justification for moderator intervention is so the thread draws more readers, well I don’t see that as any kind of justification at all. I’ve had more than one thread slip off the page unread, and I haven’t started cutting myself over it yet.

The rule is quite clear:

Yeah, I missed the “l” too, and thought it had to do with buffing.

(And I happen to like the “WANT” threads.)

The point is, as SpoilerVirgin just pointed out, that it’s one of the rules of MPSIMS. Also, lest you try it elsewhere, it’s also in the “Guidelines and Etiquette on the SDMB” FAQ:

It’s a matter of courtesy to your fellow Dopers.

And if you have a complaint about my moderation, take it to ATMB for discussion. Don’t do it here.

Is it a Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick kind of “Shining” clock? Does it say “Here’s Johnny!” as its default alarm sound?

The link says that it will anounce “Here’s Johnny” on the hour and Then the Shelly Duval figure screams.

Shining clock isn’t descriptive enough? Duh… it was for me…

That’s because “Shining Clock” is what was added to the title. Duh…

Lissener didn’t put “Shining clock” in the title. I did. As explained in the post where I asked him to please follow the rules:

I am getting that for my son. He will love it. We used to watch ‘The Shining’ all the time and he is a big Jack Nicholson fan. Thanks for the link!

I am always getting him gag gifts and this might be the best one yet!:smiley: