Want To Buy: Beethoven, The Complete Works

Can’t afford the Amazon price of $145.00 for the 85 cd collection, so if you have a better offer, please let me know.



Here is most of Beethoven. For $72

Thanks, Bos’

But I was hoping to get the whole set at once, so that I can hear everything he’s ever done.

Also, with what’s going on in my head and not knowing its outcome, I don’t want to take a chance that I may forget later that I don’t have all his works.

I figured too, that in those 85 discs there might be some outtakes, studio chatter and perhaps some of his yelling in German at the orchestra and/or choir.




I personally think you would have more fun compiling all of Beethoven’s works rather than getting a box set. Some of it is frankly just not very good; not even Babe Ruth hit a home run everytime, am I right?

My university has a subscription to Naxos music library, so I can listen to pretty much anything I want on there. I don’t suppose you’re near the University of West Georgia in Carollton, are you? I went there for a conference, and they have a cute little music department. If it’s like any other music department I’ve been to, they’re presently trying to get rid of a bunch of old vinyl that no one wants anymore. I may just be talking out of left field, but I got most of my Bach organ sheet music from my school when it was being thrown away to make room for offices! Worth looking into for CDs and vinyl.

I live less than a mile away from UWG, antonio, and thanks for the suggestion!

See that’s why I come here! (Especially these days). This stuff just doesn’t occur to me.

Thanks again!


ETA: And yes, you’re right, the Bambino didn’t hit a homer every time at bat, but it would have been great just to see him strike out! :wink:

If you can get the symphonies conducted by Bruno Walter, it’s worthwhile.