Want To Buy: Educational DVD For Finger-Picking Guitar

If you have one to sell, I’m your boy. Just trying to beat some of the prices on Amazon! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Have you looked on youtube for Jorma Kaukonen instructionals? You may be able to find some lessons from a master, for free. (He also sells them, but you mentioned price…)

Sorry for the hijack, I’ll quit after posting these links, Jorma from youtube…


bobot, thanks for the links. I checked them out and bookmarked them!

I really appreciate it and you’re right, there’s a bunch of stuff to be had on you tube, I was just looking for something I can play back on my big tv in the den.

Thanks again, and you didn’t hijack, you helped!


Also have a look at Soundslice.com

Hey Quasi-bro. PM me any questions you have as I have a degree in Classical Guitar.