Want to Buy River Rice

Friends, my mother just goes crazy for River Rice, white, medium grain. Unfortunately they have discontinued selling it in NW Pa, you can not purchase it within 100 miles, so customer service informs us. So I can buy 24 LBS of it on-line, which is crazy or try the good people of SDMB.

So if anybody has access to river rice I would appreciate a few boxes that could be mailed to me along with fair compensation, I could send a check or money order. If anybody is willing to do this please E-mail me. Thanks.
Item Needed

Do you have any idea where they do sell it?

Is there anything special about it, or is it just standard medium grain enriched rice? I’d think that if the latter is the case, you can just substitute any old medium grain rice for it.

Rice lasts a very long time. Just buy the 24 lb bag; I always buy my rice in 20lb bags. Then you won’t be hunting it down again in a few months.

Renee is right. You can store the bulk of it in a plastic tupperware-like container(s). It can last a couple years and still be as good as new - just keep it dry.

dry and away from bugs. But I agree, if 24 lbs is the smallest you can find, that’s what you should get.

The 24 pounds is in 12 two pound packages, so it is all ready for storage.


Thanks for the replies. My mom’s special recipes just do not turn out right with other brands, I guess it’s a cook thing. Maybe buying the case is the way to go, it’s still a huge amount.

You can buy it directly from the company if it is no longer available in your area.