Want to commission a comic-style art piece

I am looking to commission a work by an artist for a gift in comic-book style, basically like a family photo but as comic-book style art instead of something strictly realistic. Anyone have any recommendations for this kind of thing? I’m looking for a small, simple piece, maybe 8.5 x 11 or smaller with several family members and pets. Looking to spend maybe a maximum of $100. I’m afraid of getting ripped off if I just go online and search for artists.

I have personally commissioned this artist, who is good with a wide variety of styles (he did the cover art of my first novel). I was very pleased with his work, the speed of his work, and the value for my money.

Thanks again!

Did you contact him, or find someone else?

I haven’t contacted anyone yet. Still looking over the recommendations I’ve gotten.

You do such beautiful work! My favorites are the tall shelf and the side table with the yellow shelf. I think working with wood is like meditation in that there seems to be a kind of inner calmness or peace in the steps that turn raw wood into a thing of beauty.

Wish I could buy something from you but the cash flow is too tight. I do wish you lots of success in your venture though.

I work in a comic book store, and my colleges an artist. I’m in the process of putting together a website for him with all his work on it. (I’m a web architect) He has a website with a really bad host just now, so I’m transfering it over to 1&1 this week and i’ll have it online by Friday. Will be sure to link you.

I wonder if I can piggy-back on this thread. I am also looking for an artist, but more for graphic design (stickers, t-shirts, posters). I’m experimenting with DesignCrowd, but of course would love a great recommendation! The designs I have in mind are not terribly complex, nor is my budget large, so maybe a job for an amateur? I could pay 200 or 300 USD for a package of a few designs.


Go to DeivantArt, and wander around.
Lot of talent, there.

Hey guys if you need a domain then check out https://www.101domain.com/

the girl that does the howbaby family comic does super cute stuff and her info is here www.howbabycomic.com


I suspect that, in the intervening 4 1/2 years since starting this thread, Acsenray may have found an artist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not Available right now, i’ll inform you