Want to find Bob Newhart playing lead in Braveheart

The MTV Movie Awards did a spoof of Braveheart where Bob Newhart, in place of Mel Gibson, played the role of William Wallace preparing his troops for the coming battle. It was hilarious and I would really like to find a copy of that skit. I am rather surprised that in this day and age I have so far completely failed to find it. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this? I am more than happy to pay for it and be all legal. Indeed I think a collection of all the skits MTV has done for these might be worth having.

Any ideas?

I’m surprised MTV hasn’t compiled those on DVD- the multi-Shatner spoof of SE7EN was just as great as Bob’s BRAVEHEART.

Agreed. I’d buy a compilation if that had one. I am just as surprised though that in this day and age the clips cannot be found anywhere. Wish I could…they are good stuff. Sweat Hogs doing Pulp Fiction was a classic as well.

You can find the link thru YouTube at:

Braveheart parody w/ Bob Newhart
2 Minutes & 20 Seconds

Yeah, those MTV movie parodies were sometimes better than the movies themselves! I still say that the best one was the Pulp Fiction one with all the other sweathogs.

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