Want to go to hell with me? Check out the Chippendiddys.

I… I am somewhat reluctant to post this, but I figure someone else will, eventually, as it has been making the rounds on the Internets. It is one (of several) videos of the Chippendiddys, a group of young British boys who sing and dance and get most of their moves from the adult strippers The Chippendales (who are pretty laughable themselves).

The video I’ve posted is much less suggestive than some of the others, which you can find by Googling.

Some observations, after much reflection:

-Is this really any worse than what Junior Cheerleaders do, gyrating to blatantly sexual music, or baby pageants that put padding, make-up and false eyelashes on toddlers? Part of me feels like the instant outrage and discomfort I feel when watching these videos is because I’m not used to seeing boys sexualized.

-Where the hell were these boys’ parents? Okay, that’s not quite fair. They were likely being told their kids were going to be stars, shown Menudo videos, and witnessing what are actually some real, decent dancing skills.

-Is it YouTube that makes the difference here? I remember boys doing silly strip dances in elementary school, goofing off in front of their peers and a few teachers. I wonder how these would have been judged had they made it onto the web. And I must admit I found the first video I saw quite laughable, until I thought about who it might appeal to (other than young girls).

Which brings me to…

-Pedophiles. Great. The link I provided is, like I said, definitely SFW and quite tame. But check out the profile of the guy who posted it. And his other videos. There certainly is a theme. You can also check out an intensely creepy Imdb description of a Chippendiddys documentary. I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say these dudes are obviously pedos. But should their fascination with this sort of thing automatically color our p.o.v.? Won’t they get off on anything child-related, if desperate?

Thoughts? Vomiting sounds?

I’m afraid to click on your links.

The first one is from Sally Jessy Raphael.

Here is a link to the Videogum post, with a delightful note from the always-charming Gabe.

Hmm, that probably didn’t help, did it?

:eek: No. I’m such a coward.

It’s 10-12 year old boys doing a bad Back Street Boys/NSYNC style song and dance. I don’t think it’s particularly sexualized, but then even when grown men dance like that, I tend to find it a huge turn off and just generally silly. I’ve seen girls that age do much creepier/sexier dance moves. I think the interest was that it was somehow “cute” that kids that age would be mimicking boy bands.

Except for the YouTube poster…his interest is clearly different… I’m not clicking on any of the other videos that show up on the side of the screen!

The other videos that can be found via Google are much worse.

The video the OP posted (the Sally Jessy Raphael one) was pretty tame, so I thought that too much was being made of nothing. Then after reading this:

I googled them. Labrador is correct. This and this are two examples. They’re videos posted to Google Video. They’re not explicit in any way (or else I wouldn’t have posted them) but they are a lot more “provocative” than the first link.

What gives them the “ick” factor is (1) their outfits: the first one they are wearing little mini-tuxedos with bare chests, and the second they are wearing what look like gay bondage outfits. (2) The style of dancing, with lots of pelvis thrusting.

There’s definitely a big “ick” factor, but then again, as Cat Fight said, it’s not much different from what little girls do in pageants and dance recitals. We’re just shocked because we’re not used to seeing boys doing this stuff.

Another problem is that this stuff is BIG TIME spank-bank material for child molesters. Sorry if that came out offensively, but I can’t help but think it. And I can’t help but worry that if molesters are looking at this, it might encourage them to take action on their feelings.

the link in the OP reminds me more of the Backstreet Boys or some other boy band. But the first link I clicked on from Google was the bondage routine. EEK! That’s not normal. No sir, not at all.

I would have a problem with my son dancing like that just as I would have if my daughter was the dancer. I think it’s inappropriate for either sex at that age.

Not to mention that the dancing itself sucks. None of the kids is dancing in sync. It’s pure gratuitous pelvic thrusting to suggestive lyrics. What’s the point?

Yeah…pretty much agree with this here.

Is this recent, or an old phenomenon? The documentary was from '95, so was wondering about the dates…

Sweet zombie baby Jesus wept! Somebody actually made those cub scout sized bondage leather outfits? I’m surprised the sewing machine didn’t dissolve from the horror