Want to learn programming. Where to start?

I want eventualy to learn how to do web developing, but before that I want to have a good foundation on programming. My experience so far is very limited, some C++ and assembly in university and some BASIC back in the early 90s and nothing more.

What programming language should I start with? Any recommended books I should read?


Java is big now but may not be the easiest to learn. Perl is pretty useful , I’m sure others will be along to give advice.

I’d recommend starting out with plain old c - tons of books on it, and it is a very good language for coming to grips with basic terms. Depending on what you want to do later, and on what platform(s), you’ll probably end up going a script (perl, pyton) route or c++, java route.

I still use c on a daily basis, as I work as an embedded systems designer, were c is still king, however, higher level languages are were you want to end up if you’re going the route of Windows/Mac/linux programming (Altough, c will take you quite far in the Linux world at least).

However, if you want to get good at script programming right away, and your only interest later on is web developing, then maybe just go for perl or pyton right away…

So, I guess, it depends :slight_smile:

ETA: If you do feel like taking the c route, you only really need one book - the C Programming Language, by Kernighan and Ritchie - a small book, that contains everything there is to know.

If your goal is web development, you might want to go straight to Python or PHP.