Want to see a living thread from 2000?

Hey all, I happened to stumble across a very old thread tonight while searching for Og knows what. Although it’s title is “Nasty Practical Jokes for fun or revenge” I’ve found it to be a very interesting read for other reasons. Like scientists investigating fossils it’s sometimes cool to be able to take a look back at some of the posters and historys of members from the past.

It is over seven years old, so you’ll find that almost everyone in the thread is either now a Guest or a Charter Member, the former being the majority. But not the OP, Osip is still around, and in fact his last activity was 8/24/07. The next poster some may remember is the now banned concrete. He had a brief but inflammatory life here on the boards.

There are plenty of others who are now departed with whom you may recognize. handy is in there with info he probably just googled. There are also Guests I know who still read the Dope such as Chef Troy. Some of the now missing left us suddenly without notice, like Homer. Other ex-members announced their departure such as John Corrado, who is still listed as SDSAB.

If you even look closely you can see a troll/sock, evidence that they’ve always been around ever since the boards have been around.

The only reason this thread is still around is just because someone happened to bump it in the middle of 2004. Probably right before it may have disappeared forever. My first thought was to bump it once more, and suffer mod handslap, but I guess this may be a better way to travel down memory lane.

Oh well, I’m just feeling nostalgic. And I know that sooner or later the 2004 threads will disappear too, so this was just my MPSIMS moment for the night.

That was good reading. Thanks for the info.

I experienced a sudden stab of nostalgia for Concrete, then got as far as Aenea, when I looked up her posts, realized she hasn’t posted for two years–and had to quit. It was too painful. :frowning:

[makes mental note not to read old threads anymore]

Wow I remember a lot of those names, many who are now listed as guests… what happened to them all? Where are they? Why have they abandoned us? Makes you curious, doesn’t it?

I got as far as Persephone.
She’s still on my mind at odd times. When I knit and crochet. At Easter when I see peeps and a few things we e-mailed back and fourth.

Slight hijack: So you mean I could be a charter member over time?

Nope, not unless they change the setup. Charter Members are those who paid for a subscription when the board switched from being free to being subscription. As part of the incentive, they got “Charter Member” as their title, while all us peons, no matter how long our tenure or how numerous out post counts, will forever more be mere Members.

Apparently, if a Charter Member lets his/her subscription expire, the title reverts to Member. I don’t know if a mod will or can override that again or not. Someone has a funny sig line about it - being shot down by a hypothetical woman who’s only interested in Charter Members, not us Member “losers”.

I think I was a Charter Member (I remember something about a discounted membership rate). I let it lapse and now I’m just a pleb too. I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight.

I should have mentioned Persephone. There are ghosts abound.

I find it hard to believe it was that long ago. Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone and where are all the old timers too. So much has changed… so much remains the same.
Thanks for the memories.