This year, everyone gets bacon salt.

Here’s a puzzler. Why does cotton candy come almost exclusively in pink or blue?

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Oh, if we’re doing things that we have no possible use for, then I’ll put in my request for one of these.

You could fill it full of eels…

I just noticed that the company that makes those is based right here in Toronto.

I also notice that they have them in up to 400 mW light output, and that they are fan-cooled.

Must… keep… control… of… wallet…

Charms Fluffy Stuff comes in a variety of colors. Although I think I would stop short of recommending it.
I’m pretty sure I want a scrolling display board for in my back window in the car. So I can spell out “Back off motherfucker” to tailgaters.

We bought one of the little ones at Fry’s one day for about forty bucks and used it over the course of a year of so to make cotton candy for a few birthdary parties and kids school events. If you follow the directions on how to take care of it and use it I think it would work fine for you for a while. I inadvertantly killed it by trying to remove the spinner to clean it before it had fully cooled(and the metal was still soft) and I bent the spinner so it wobbles too much to use now. Still I think we probably got our moneys worth out of it. If you want you can rent one of the commercial ones and buy a pack of flossugar for about 75 for the rental and 25 for the sugar(and a buck or two for some paper cones), so ~100 bucks and you can make about two pounds of cotton candy(which is a LOT) and it keeps fairly well if you seal it up. Just wait till the next birthday party or church picnic and rent one and provide the group with cotton candy, the kids will love you and you can sneak a bit yourself. The commercial ones require a special sugar, with a larger grain, so that’s another expense you should think of if you’re getting one yourself. The flavoring and coloring is cheap and easy, but using regular sugar with the commercial ones just ends up with tons of hot granules of sugar flying everywhere when you spin it up(and they BURN) before they begin to melt and flow properly. Also they’ll form little whisps instead of strands(because of the smaller granule size) and fly everywhere. Cotton candy up the nose is not as fun as it sounds.

Basically ou can either get one of the little ones(which require pre-heating and careful measuring and cleaning) and some commercial flossine(the flavoring/coloring) and use regular sugar. Or, you can get one of the large machines, (which require special sugar, and flossine) and have the expense and it’s harder to clean.


Not quite as fabulously silly as the others, but I’ve wanted this t-shirt for a while now.
And while we’re at it, I’ve pined for years for one of these.

Racing Grannies

Cube World. A whole set.

But can you play Hollywood Squares with them?

For the Harry Potter Dweeb in your life: the Monster Book of Monsters!

Stick 'em up!

Plus that site has a whole bunch of other cool marshmallow merchandise! I know I certainly have a million and one uses for a settee made out of the stuff. :slight_smile:
Oh, and Alice Cooper. Yes, the shock rocker. Yes, he’s still alive. No, I don’t care how old he is. Does anyone know the price? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: I’m standing by with credit card in hand.

We bought this (before it came in thermosensitive). Guess what-it only fits a certain kind of faucet. It comes with some “adapter washers” but it only fit ONE sink in our house. The one in the master bath, sadly (I had bought it for the kids or the kitchen). We’re not handy enough to have figured out how to make it fit the other sinks…

He’s what passes for a local celebrity out here. Him and Leslie Nielsen…