2021 Secret Santa Christmas Exchange

I know that I’m a bit of a noob and might be stepping on toes, but if that is so, please just say so and I’ll back off.

I really enjoyed last year’s Secret Santa and have already been shopping. Because of the expected post office delays, I thought we should start it now instead of later. I did contact last year’s wonderful organizer @Sir_T-Cups but haven’t gotten a response so here I am.

Edited because I forgot to add my info. I’m totally in, I’m happily retired with several cats and a still living husband. I garden, raise Monarch butterflies and collect small bowls. I like pretty rocks and shiny things, all colors are good as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s get this thing going!

Ok, so here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Put a message in here saying you’re in. In your message put a little bit about the things you like so that we know what to get you. I’ve done enough of these sort of things to realize that the “$20 limit” is BS…we’re all just too nice. Hey, it’s 2021, just give what you can and we’re all going to be happy with whatever we get.

  2. Send an email to SDMBJaneDoe42@gmail.com. In the email please put your user name, real name, address, and whether you can ship internationally.

  3. Send me a PM that also says “I’m in!”. In your message please put your user name and real name. I don’t need address on this one because I’m just going to use it as a checks and balances for the email (in case something goes awry).

The sign-up deadline is 11/25, Thanksgiving here in the states and all packages should be mailed by 12/1. Hopefully, this will allow everyone’s packages to get delivered sometime in 2021.

I’m in!!!

(First! Good to be juvenile.)

I own cats, like all flora/fauna (so anything critter/plant related is good) and have no allergies.
I prefer dark chocolate, but am open to all sweets/jerky/local treats.

Love green/blue/purple colors (also neutral black/grey) and would cherish anything handmade and/or local to your area.

I wear a small/medium if that’s necessary.

Signing up right now. I can do it this year, for which I am grateful.

About me: I have two cats (or rather, they have me), I’m more than a bit of a foodie and would like to try your local treats, I don’t have a TV but I do read much. I’m allergic to wool but adore cotton and linen and like puzzles and mindless games and funny kitchen magnets. I like bright colors, sarcasm, puns, sportscar racing, and have pierced ears.

If you can’t get creative with all that, I don’t know why. Too many interests is a good thing in my world.

I’m in!

I like earrings (pierced), hats (but not baseball caps), scarves, foodie things, cookbooks (especially those regional/church ones with five recipes for meatloaf and lutefisk and stuff).

@JaneDoe42 I’m sure this is very clever, but explain the difference between #2 & #3 in your instructions. I’m a little slow.

ETA: OH! Just got it! One is an email. One is a PM. Who said I’m slow? :wink:

It’s great to have you all, thank you for signing up!

@ThelmaLou The PM is so I only have one place to check against my email list. Hopefully it will make it easier than trying to keep a list from this thread, because as I recall, we can get a little chatty while doing these sort of thing.

Do you like wires or posts for your earrings? And do you have any metal allergies?

And I just thought about #4. If you see someone joining that you have had in the past, please say so in your email so I can try to match everyone with someone different.

@ purplehorseshoe you can freely ignore the above instructions in regards to me because I still have fond memories of last year’s package. You have not been forgotten!

What the heck.

I’ve never done one of these before, being Jewish and all, but I’m a good sport. (And a little curious.)

That being said, I have no pre-conceived notions of what constitutes a proper gift for the holiday, and have no sentiments about it. Used books and gift cards work fine for me.

What unfortunately does not work are all the go-to girly gifts like bath stuff and candy, because I’m allergic to a lot of scents, and I have reactive hypoglycemia, and don’t eat candy (I also don’t drink, but you aren’t supposed to mail booze in the US anyway).

I also might send something weird, not knowing what makes a proper Christmas gift, but I’ll try hard to get it right.

If I’m already sounding too difficult, we can stop here. However, I am willing to ship internationally, as long as there are no special requests for car batteries or 52" TVs.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll pass on the other information if you think I’ll be OK.

I think you will be very welcome. This exchange doesn’t have to be Christmas stuff, and usually isn’t. We get matched with someone we don’t know and send a package with a specific deadline while expecting to receive a fun package from a stranger during what is traditionally a stressful time of the year for many people.

If you sign up and say that you are Jewish, that will let people know to not send you a Christmas sweater, but despite not eating candy, you will probably get some chocolate geld just because that’s what us ignorant Gentiles think you would like.

Dopers usually have an abundance of used books, just pick a subject. Gift cards are kinda boring, but I have done them in the past. Do you have pets or little ones? We love buying for them. Do you have enough slippers?

And darn, I was just going to edit my list to include half a dozen car batteries! LOL!!!

Yes, you will be more than welcome, please sign up.

The gift will probably arrive when Chanukah is over, so don’t try to include that holiday. We give gifts only to children then, anyway. And then, mainly because other kids are getting so much Christmas crap.

I probably have all the jewelry I will ever wear. I have a dog who loves chicken-wrapped rawhide, and anything that tastes like venison. She has a deep wish for a laser pointer of her own to chase. My son has a cat who would love a new “cat dancer” toy, having managed to destroy her old one finally. If you sent my son a Papa John’s gift card, he would love you forever.

I love women’s autobiography, Stephen Jay Gould’s books, mysteries written before about 1960, and children’s books in Spanish (a language I have been studying). Adult books (by which I am referring to the reading level, not the shade of blue of the content B).

Hurray, thanks for signing up! (You look pretty easy to gift, BTW.)

I am, too, but I love any excuse for getting and giving presents. Shameless, me. :upside_down_face:

Thank you @JaneDoe42 for doing this!

I am putting myself as a strong tentative and I will confirm, and add details, before November 25, 2021.

This is because I am in the midst of planning a trip to the U.S., which would eliminate the annoying international shipping issue.

However, this means I would miss the shipping date, so if that eliminates me, that’s okay.

I’m in, please.

I like locally made things - every place has an edible “thing” or two it’s known for. Candy/chocolate, hot sauce, cookies, jams/jellies, caramel/chocolate sauces are my favorites.
Anything gardening or coffee related would be appreciated.
Anything handmade (I like autumnal colors like burnt orange, warm browns, greys - but cannot wear anything acrylic) would be fabulous.

Only things I would ask to pass on are heavily scented things, jewelry, and tchotchkes.

Mayme said she would really like cat treats. She doesn’t need anything, but I told her she could ask Santa anyways.

I hope you have a great trip and will look forward to hearing about your travels.

I’m having an early shipping date because I don’t trust the post office, when I looked back at what others have done, they usually aren’t as early and everyone seemed to get their gifts by Christmas or the end of the year. Honestly, I’m just hoping that everyone gets their gifts by the end of the year.

I said all that to say that yes, please join us. If anyone really needs to get their stuff by Christmas, let me know and I’ll be sure you don’t get @Die_Capacitrix with no hard feelings on either side.

Omg @JaneDoe42 I am so sorry I never got back to you as you messaged me literal months ago. I’ve been so distracted on my end with dealing with/trying to leave my old job + my wife’s pregnancy + eventual birth of my daughter + getting a new job + dealing with a newborn + starting a new job…I’ve just been irresponsible as all getout.

Thank you for the complement of how I did last year, but there is just now way I would have been able to this year, thank you very much for taking up the mantle and I apologize again for not being more responsive

However, despite not being able to run it, I will happily participate!

I live in sunny Orlando, so anything warm-weather related or something awesome for me to take to a theme park is always welcome. My house also has a pool, so a towel or a toy won’t be turned down. T-shirt size is a L (I was a medium once…) and I’m always up for anything local! Shot glasses, pint glasses, pens, books…if its from where you’re from I’ll gladly take it.

If you want to send alcohol (god knows I need it) I’m a fan of bourbon, rum, whiskey, and gin. I very much enjoy reading, anything to do with sports (especially american football), I’m a big star wars, marvel, and godzilla/toho fan.

What?!? You were able to accomplish all that during plague times and you are saying you are irresponsible? Heck, just one of those things would be enough to knock me out of the running!!

I’m glad you don’t mind me stepping in, thanks to you, I had a lot of fun last year or I probably wouldn’t be doing it this year.

Good to have you with us!

I’d love to sign up! I’m busy at this moment, but would like to sign up soon.

It will be great to have you. I’m excited, we are already getting a nice turn-out and we’ve just started!

The Secret Santa exchange is one of my very favorite things about this message board. I have cherished gifts from years past & they always make me smile.

(This post brought to you by the Shameless Bump Committee.)