Christmas is only 9000 days away and the emails are just amping up. Thought we could all share some of the funner stuff that you would love to get.
Perpetual Kid

Where’s the cat barf soap dispenser?

This is one I’ve liked for a while, and would get if I could waste the money.

Watch with USB 2 Gig memory interface.

Carnivorous plant terrarium with ten different types. twickster this is for you or your coworkers.

The site is full of goodies. How do you choose between all these high tech toys?
Geek Toys.

Well, they do have cat butt candy.

If I’m not allowed to pine for a shiny new laptop in here?

I’d have to go with this. :smiley:

How could I miss this?
This is SUPER AWESOME!!!11!!

I have a friend who would love this and if I weren’t feeling so lazy I would order it for him for XMas. If it were offered on eBay I would order it. Or Amazon. But I don’t feel like creating a new account and so he’ll probably get a book.

I want the blue laser pointer. But if I had that kind of money to throw away, I’d probably spend it on, uh, software.

I so want those. I would plant them in my frends’ kitchen, which looks a lot like this, except that the jasmine is five feet tall, the grapes have twined all around the sink, and the ivy is steadily conquering the wall.

“Honey? Didn’t we used to have a mouse problem?”

this one:

is hilarious. especially the note at the bottom of the page:

I have the cat butt car air freshener! “Nothing smells like a cat butt!”

In keeping with the spirit of the OP, this would come in handy.

No, that’s for me and my coworkers – i.e., for me to feed insubordinate coworkers to.

I’d only have to do it once to make my point.

That is just so wrong in so many ways.

Butt the product does have a point.

The Blue Laser pointer is pretty cool, but for that price you can by two Blu-ray players. Take one apart to make a blue laser pointer, and keep the other one.

I can’t think of anything I want (well, besides a shiny new job and one of the two cute guys I’m interested in) but does it make me a bad person for wanting to send one of these to a superior for Christmas after I secure the shiny new job?

I want one of these. I have no possible use for one, of course. But I still want one.

On a [del]more sensible[/del] less insane level, I’d also like a good tabletop deep fryer. I do not need one, but I’d like one all the same.

Finally, on the level of things that I might actually be able to convince someone I could use would be a Sony eBook Reader.

If I was going to drop a ton of money on a laser pointer I’d get this.

It’s ok, you can say it here. You really want a light saber, but will settle for a version of a curling iron that can hurt people from a distance. You’re not alone.

I really really want a cotton candy machine. They seem to come in two kinds…the sort with a cartoon character on the side (and the reviewers say that they break down very easily) and the sort that vendors use, which cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on size and accessories. Plus I’m diabetic, I shouldn’t eat cotton candy…but I want a CC machine anyway.

I don’t think the women would find lighting their cigarettes with a laser pointer as cool as it looks in my head either.